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Falling in love is easy. Staying in love, is not. Successful marriages require learning relationship skills that most do not naturally possess. -Michelle Weiner-Davis

Marriage according to the bible is an holy institution ordained by God. Now the word “institution” means ‘’ an organization founded and united for a specific purpose’’.

In real terms, these are what you should expect from your marriage:


There is power in team work, synergizing and working together, the saying that a family that prays together stays together is not just a saying but an affirmation of the importance of working together in close harmony. Companionship is having same family values as opposed to having different views regarding each situation or things which could fuel discontent and disharmony companionship in marriage is what seasoning is to a food.


In the business world, being a partner is an agreement that both will bear the risks and the profits that accrues from the business no matter how large or small. It means staying put even in unfavourable situations (battering not inclusive), putting your best effort to make the whole situation work. Picture this, you wouldn’t be a proud single mum trying to heap the blame on the father of your child , blaming him as the reason why heaven came down in  midday. Rather, partnership in marital union is a call to be transparent, respecting each other views about what you feel and think rather than calling names and nursing grudges despite the fact that our generation has added some caveat and human wisdom to an institution God ordained.



Now this one looks a bit weird and confusing, Yeah! Marriage is the only institution where we learn, graduate, relearn and implement what we’ve learnt into realistic ideas and often times making such changes could be really tough but if the commitment is there and the respect for each other has not been frittered ‘ then there is a wide room for improvement. A union where both folks disagree on trivial issues and never want to learn and be corrected is gently moving down the downward slide to divorce, while most people think that separating or getting a divorce exorcises the weakness in people, divorce actually compounds the problem! So learn, learn and learn, that’s the only way to make you and your spouse happy. As it is expected, guys should learn to do away from certain habits when they tie the knot but failure to learn how to adjust to the new regimen becomes a matter of concern. Even also certain manners of dressing and speech, outward appearance needs to be controlled!



it seems  to me that intimacy  and all it stands for or rather what it represents in human relationships has been flouted like a laid down  rule in the daily lives of most folks who are married. According to the dictionary intimacy is “ A feeling of being close and belonging together” ,With this meaning, it is expected that couples would find it more honourable and respectful to confide in each other , resolves issues amicably and fulfil without inhibition, their utmost sexual desires. Intimacy means solving and sharing, both on challenges and faith, sfears suggestions and dreams. It means been close enough to know what makers a person feel they way they do.

This one is the most important aspect of a relationship that seals the bond of love, and shows the level of understanding and oneness the couples and folks in relationships have for each other. After the blissful ceremony of the bride and the groom cutting the cake and faking and mimicking popular dance steps, there is a likely possibility that one of them might or may have been offended before, during and after the event. Yeah?! Don’t open ya mouth agape, it’s the truth, offences may arise from the way the bride’s parents were not treated properly, or the souvernirs were not fairly distributed. But be that as it may, it is highly important that the foundation of love, as described in the bible be adhered to strictly. The bible says, love keeps no records of wrongs. After the whole well wishers and everyone is gone, the real love starts the moment both of you begin to spend the first 24 hours together! It’s will not be an easy task, no more late nights, no more regular dose of alcohol, no more movement without clearly stating where you are going. Forgiveness in a relationship heals all wounds and  makes the people involved have a deeper understanding of each other and move on to the next level