In all that you do,cast your cares upon the lord

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You know, I had a problem with this title. Cos, I really don’t like to ride solo… Jesus has my wheels ooo. But ridin’ solo here means something different and I will get to it already…

You all know that bird called ‘leke leke’ abi? Tz actually called ‘cattle egret’ but I think I prefer the name lekeleke jor. Those white birds that fly in groups that when we were small, they used to say when you shake your fingernails, they would turn white… LOL please where do we get all that from biko? NAIJA TINZ… You sha know lekelekes always fly in groups. Never alone. They must be fans of Liverpool hehehe. Which is why we have really never heard any spectacular story about them except of course that cool story above. Oh but the Eagle!

They fly SOLO… Nay, they soar… Such a unique bird. I don’t even…

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