The Kente Weaver


My close friends, know my immense love for Nollywood. It is probably the singular thing I am proud of in Africa’s entertainment industry (Yes, “Ghallywood”, you have some catching up to do, and less contrived movies, please! I do commend some of your efforts though more work must be done, as stated here).

However, my close friends, also tend to be my biggest critics of my love for Nollywood. From hearing claims like, “Metty, how can you like these movies?!”, ” oh Metty, I’m so disappointed in you for watching these!” to “oh Metty, why do you even bother whenyou can tell the end from the beginning!” and”Ah Metty, they are just wastes of time!”, I must say, I have heard it all.

To some extent, hearing all these derogatory claims from friends about Nollywood movies, knowingly or unknowingly, compelled me to start referring to my love…

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