This Poem Got Me Thinking!

The African Street Writer

My heart shivered

Eyes dripping of water

Mouth agape; surprised

A face speaking of hate and vengeance

Once upon a time

I loved a girl

We laughed, played and loved each other

She was my soul-mate [so i thought]

We held each other with the charm of love

We cared, trusted and adored each

With promises of everlasting love, we parted

I came back after a long walk

As if years have passed, i walked into her arms

Only to discover that things had changed

Her eyes full of lust

Her hands, full of blood

Her mouth speak of lies

Under her skirt, many men have drank

She is a swine

Her dignity she sold for money

Like a disease she spreads

Waiting for the ultimate prize – DEATH

Ubani Alexander Chijioke Thandi is a Nigerian. An alumni of the famous Government College
Umuahia and Imo State University. He is a poet, playwright, songwriter…

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