Bradley Cooper !


Bradley Cooper is an Esquire man.

The Hangover star sports a tuxedo on the December cover of the magazine.

The actor chats it up in Esquires last issue of 2012 about his father, why he likes motorcyles, cleansing the body and much more. Check out some interview highlights below.

On his memories of his father:
“My father was viciously smart and intellectually curious. We lived across the street from a movie theater. And he would always talk about all these movies, and when I was at the age of being able to appreciate them, he just started throwin’ ’em my way. He was a huge Tom Courtenay fan. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner was one of the first ones he showed me. And The Dresser. And Under the Volcano. He loved Albert Finney.”

On his love of motorcycles:
“I love the focus aspect of it. And…

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