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Hey People!

 It’s Monday morning again and I’m pretty sure most people never wanted to leave the comfort of their beds. Haaa! Yeah? It’s the simple truth. Well it’s nice to have you back to  the office as you contribute your own quota to the growth of that business, firm, organization, bank, hotel, shop and whatever your hand finds doing.

Over the weekend, a lot of people attended different functions, from child naming ceremonies, to birthdays, wedding, inductions, annual family meetings, child dedication, etc. But if you were a host to any of these events, then this topic is for you! Nonetheless if you are also working towards an event as mentioned above, some of the tips I’ll be sharing here will be good for you to adopt and practice.

How To Say Thank You

“”An Example Of A thank You Card”

Ok. Here we go! Pheew!

If I may ask, when was the last time you sent out a thank-you note? Also when was the last time you received a thank-you note, when was the last time you appreciated someone’s actions, gifts, or even an advice. In this present day of electronic communication facilitated by mobile networks, sending out handwritten notes have somehow become a thing of the past if not phasing out, and becoming something not even remembered! awwww how sad, but inspite of all that, showing appreciation by saying a simple “thank you” in writing could be an amazing way of letting people , family members, business associates, classmates or even a spouse  know that you  truly appreciate their warmth and kind gestures.

You can choose tyro express your gratitude by;

  1. Writing out a little note to personalize it.
  2. Choosing to address the recipient by names and titles.
  3. When a gift is received, appreciate the gift, and let the person know how the gift is to be put to use, this not only gives the giver a sense of belonging, but goes a long way to show how responsible and accountable you’d be when given more.
  4. Still repeat your thanks, and restate it and end on a final closing remark
  5. If the present received was in monetary terms, rather than specify the amount of money received, it would be much wiser to express your appreciation in general terms. Instead of saying thank you for the N4000, you can say, thank you for your fabulous gift!
  6. If the gift received was a technology item, and you find it difficult to open or operate such device, it would be kind to state your appreciation differently and then find a suitable time to communicate back to the person asking him/her to tell you more on how to use such gadgets / items
  7. As a form of appreciation, you can humbly ask the person to feel free to request your presence at any event or gathering he /she will be hosting.

There is power in expressed gratitude, as humans, the tendency of someone to appreciate and praise our efforts not only make us feel acknowledged but leaves us feeling good and boosts our ego. The story of the ten lepers in the bible is a good example of what gratitude bring across our way.

Now that you’ve read this, I’m sure you’ll take that bold step and say a big “Thank You” to someone who gave you that surprise gift, and a smart advice. Go on, don’t think twice, tomorrow could be late just do it!

Have a wonderful Monday ahead!