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For every special knowledge gained or sought after, there has been a book, and a teacher who facilitated the process of mastery of that specific subject. In a time when Nigeria for example seems hopeless with her current situation, there is however, hope for our future generations if our leaders are willing to tow the lines of hardwork, dedication, disciple and prudence.


Kuan Yew, Former Singapore Leader

Lee Kuan Y










Enter Lee Kuan Yew, A former Singaporean Leader who led his people from abject poverty, economic pain and political hardship even at a time when the country was surrounded by hostile powers. In this book, Lee Kuan Yew describes how he equipped schools with one computer for every two students and connected every home to a broadband network and integrated the science of information and communication technology into the country’s businesses, government affairs and homes.

The book, more like a practical economic guide is divided into three parts. Part 1 ( Getting the basics right), is divided into 15 chapters, part two (In search of  regional and international space) is divided into 24 chapters  , while part three (Winding Up) is split into 3 chapters.

Readers will find chapter 5, (creating a financial centre) and chapter 11 (Many tongues, one language) most interesting.