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 I was about closing up my computer system for the day; meanwhile I was opportuned to have visited an old school friend in one of the Nigerian Universities around Lagos. As I waited for him to see the lecturer whom he had scheduled a meeting with, I decided to be creative with my time and decided to work on some tasks on my system. Judging from my personal and other schedules, my laptop has not been shut down no wonder while I was at Ikoyi yesterday for some appointment, the lappie’ refused to boot! Arrrgh! I almost starved myself off lunch, I waited like it was forever until the laptop booted. It was then I heaved some sigh of relief. Now coming back to the issue of my laptop being on sleep mode since 5 days, I used the opportunity to finish up my work like I earlier said and then I entered a classroom of students having a class in PGG 303.1, I guess it was a geology class so I sort of enjoyed the class because that was directly related to my major at undergraduate level. I listened to the lecturer as he repeatedly bored himself and the whole classroom of facts and figures he wasn’t sure of. He was lecturing them on Oil and Gas migration, source rocks, and where and how Petroleum occurs. Being a Petroleum Engineer, I can easily tell a quack from an expert, a reservoir from an aquifer.

So I listened till I became sure of the class of lecturer he was, Im not trying to be proud but as an A’ student way back, I knew intelligent , brilliant and gifted lecturers, they were the ones who never came to class with a note but the students would have to beg the lecturer for them to leave the class , they would even be the ones to remind him that sir!’ your time is over’ but in the case of my experience today, I began to reminisce on my past, how I looked forward to the future of practicing  a profession I just dabbled into. I had all the books in Petroleum Engineering from Reservoir Engineering to Well Completions, From Engineering Economics to Offshore Drilling, and From Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics to Separation Processes. I also had the latest editions of “Bouyourgyne” a book most students rarely cared to know the titled but carelessly replaced the book author’s name for the title. But in real terms, the title of the book was Petroleum Engineering Drilling 1 By “boi-yong” for that was how we pronounced the book.

If I had a counselor, I would have known that my interest was in Enterprise business solutions, because as I began to reminisce, I started seeing the reasons why I couldn’t pass by a fashion magazine without picking up two copies be it Genevieve, True love West Africa, SPE Magazine, GQ, ThisDay Style on Sundays, Guardian life, IT Gadgets Mag,Ebony Magazine! I bought all these magazines from my freshman year till I graduated, and I had 867 copies of soft sell magazines but I was an Engineering Student!.

My life in school was always around the theatre arts department where I made lil’ cash writing final year scripts for people in that department. I never got tired of wanting to know more about international finance as this drove my interest into learning how to trade FOREX, a business I learnt, profited from and also the same business was the source of my ‘fall’. That experience taught me a lesson.

Now! As I sat in this class listening to Oga lecturer deliver his sermon, I began to ask myself, “Do these students really need these boring theories? Why not practicalize it? Why not use computer aider aids to teach? .Then within me, I came to the conclusion that not all the students in this class knew or had an interest in Geology, because I attended school for five years, sorry almost 7 sef! Plus strike and all the whole academic stuffs, , Yeah! I went to school but I never came out with a sound skill!. I had to attend seminars, IT classes, trainings before I knew where I was. At a point in time, I had the honour of being called “A non creative and dull” person! Haba! That, was the height of my personal challenge, I was in a fix, I was in a psychological hold up, no one to talk to, no one to hear my inner cries, I loved writing , I had at least 3 novels written in note books yet untyped and someone called me that name? I forgave and moved on. I knew that only an empty vessel that called a filled pot empty because the mental relationship couldn’t be established! QED!

So I became conscious of what I wanted to do, I loved writing, I could sing wella! I could cook like a chef, I loved techies, I loved female fashion, because male fashion was too okay for me, I loved music, I played the keyboard, the drum, the recorder, the bass guitar, the xylophone, and adding to that I had madt acting skills!, I had interest in photography too and my shots earned me some applause, so where was the missing link?

I got tired of posting my resume, I got tired of mentally lazy folks asking me borrowed questions at interviews, from my little working experience, I had come to know the good attributes of a structured organization, so the moment I stepped into a place, by physical intuition and spiritual discernment, I could know for ‘shizzle’ if the place of organization is “what’s”!

I had an interview sometime and the guys asked me “how much would you like us to pay you, I said sir “You can’t pay me, but I can work here to earn something! The man became amused and suddenly became interested in my kind of person, he asked me to name my price and I said N60Billion! Voila, he opened his mouth agape and next day, I got a mail confirming my person for the job but I humbly rejected the offer because I never wanted to work where I would not LEARN.

So I became demoralized, I welcome all sort of thoughts, I thought of walking to third mainland bridge and throwing myself into the lagoon! But another voice reminded me of my humble beginnings, how far I have come, my giant strides and how well my parents were proud of me as a kid who skipped classes on double promotions. Somehow I was broken in my expectations! Yes! My self expectations, I cried, wept, wailed and looked to the heavens and asked God why me? What was wrong?

I mused to myself and came to the final agreement that I had being caught up in the vertices of life and it would take an angel sent by God to drag me up whether you believe it or not, God will not come from heaven to lift you up but he has the power to do so but rather, he will choose someone as an instrument to fulfill his promises.

So while I was at a seminar with all these “Oyinbo” people from England, Spain, Finland, during one of my presentations, I delivered well and when I alighted from the podium, I received a very loud ovation, people , both Omo Naija , Oyinbo pepper and plenty people sef come hug me, but there was one of them who according to her did an internship at the Tony Elumelu Centre, Mehn! Dat girl had cognitive intelligence!. Well after lunch, we all had a close interaction and I discovered that I was the only person out of 17 people that schooled in Nigeria, the lady with whom I was closest to, had BS, MS and all certifications from the US, she had worked in Holland, Beirut, Macedonia, France, Egypt, Scotland and South Africa and just relocated to Nigeria! Huh? And she was so young, after hearing her own story and mine together, we exchanged contacts and that was how I got to discover lots of things about IT that I never knew, She was the good angel I’d always asked God about, and I bless God for that

So for those who would always think that having a job guaranteed a secure future lie! Wake up! And look at the story of oceanic bank. When next you find yourself in a dark corner, please hold on, God is sending someone to help you out of the storm, he knows what you need at each specific time and He requires us to lean on his wisdom and not ours so that we can overcome the situation. When next you are in the bus, in the church, at home, walking home, look around you, speak to that brother, that sister who has a sad look, please, Do help a brother stand.

Often times I hear girls say guys shy away from relationships, fine! I’ve been there but in my little sister’s words, no romance without finance, why would you get into a relationship when you can’t handle the financial responsibilities? I know it sounds so so lame as an excuse but check it, that’s the truth, na! Me I can’t fit o! *** (In Funke Akindele’s voice). But truth is it is good for a man (not every man in this case) to carry his own cross so that he could be built up to take charge. So ladies, please be patient, let us go through this purifying phase ok! We’ll surely make sure you guys have a wonderful wedding gown and a nice home after marrying us,


My Name Is Anslem And I’m A Hero!