Even lawyer sef dey vex!

A Bellyful of Words

Clerk:                    May the court rise to hear the Judge’s verdict

Judge:                   With all the evidence brought before this court regarding the defendant’s mental state of   mind also bearing in mind, the jury’s conviction of not finding the accused guilty, I hereby find the defendant not guilty but he is to be remanded to a mental hospital for physco-evaluation and to report to the court in six months time for a briefing.

Clerk:                   Order!

Judge:                   Does the counsel for the defendant have anything to say?

Counsel:              No, my lord

Judge:                   Does the defendant have anything to say?

Defendant:               I have been asleep most of the trial and I am tired of my lawyers saying that I have no reason to explain what actually happened, at least the way I saw it happen. So I would briefly tell you now.

Off course, I know that you know that things have been bad for me. Yes…

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