The Whole road smells of willful noise
Hawkers and trader all alike beckon and stare
The wishful buyer stares amazingly and then the
Most daring of all takes his view,
He is then a free catch!
Dats how we live,
Naija don kpafuca!

Kemmiiii's Blog

David wants to start his own blog and thought I should share this poem on my blog first.
I found it quite amusing. Enjoy;

    Kpafucation of Naija

As I walk through the market, I stop and stare.
I see the market women bleaching but they are still not fair.
The youths of today have gone astray
Blame it on the wind, it blows our conscience away.

Get rich or die trying ‘yahoo-yahoo’ scheme
Perfectly executed better than a spielberg film.
I guess its our payback for what they did to us
120 naira? what a toll on us.

Looking at the end of the tunnel but still no light
Electricity is such a luxury; what a plight
They say he without sin should cast the first stone
I think he without sin should cast the first vote.

The rulers are a reflection of the masses
What’s a palliative? We want…

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