Hello great people of Naija, how una dey? Today is 24th day of December 2012, as we all know, it is a day usually filled with excitement, fun and untold sharing of warm smiles, embraces and laughter. But amidst the whole yuletide season, below are things you should consider

  1. Xmas period is not the time for the ladies to lay up a pile of demands on their boyfriends! Abi?
  2. Xmas no be season to chop rice alone! Explore your creative culinary skills as a woman! The men are not left out
  3. Hangover ooo! Abeg make una sofri drink abeg! 8 bottles of beer is not a sign of prosperity people!
  4. Yes! Xmas eve should not be synonymous with sex and undesirable appetites !
  5. Visit  a friend with a gift, don’t just go empty handed
  6. Try as much as possible to work out this season
  7. Pray pray and pray , and commit your family friend and even enemies into the hands of God.

Have a blessed and fulfilled Xmas celebration!