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Great citizens of Nigeria, I’m grateful to God that we all are alive, kicking, hale and healthy. No doubt I’m so so excited to have been able to make it into this New Year  so join me as I say a very loud  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Guess what? 2012 has been a year of countless blessings for me, I don’t know about you but it is always best for us to appreciate God for his daily loads of benefits, grace, mercy, love and compassion upon us –his children.

While some people are still nursing ill feelings about the past year, I need to remind you that someone folks died some days to 31st of December , you weren’t better than them either, some people are still lying in the wards of different hospitals , yet you are healthy, some people had their freedom restricted because they committed one offence or the other that landed them in prison but here you are being angry at yourself that you weren’t able to do what your neighbours did during the last Christmas celebration, yes! I can read people’s feelings and I feel this write up is for all of us.

That your neighbour slaughtered 3 goats is not a yardstick that you also should follow suit just like the axiom says “All fingers are not equal”. Wouldn’t you rather be grateful for that fish you ate during the Christmas period?

Whilst you were asleep, do you know the number of angels God sent to guide and protect you? Your cousins abroad and your friends? The other family that visited you and brought you hampers? Do you know what they went through to have been able to get that hamper and gifts to you? Why then bother yourself?

 Then to the ladies, are you still keeping, malice with your mum, Dad, girlfriends (my emphasis on the ‘s’ though cos’ I feel the folks Ladies have issues with may or might be more than a single individual), boyfriends, fiancé, husband that he never bought you Christmas clothes or that he didn’t propose as and when you wanted or expected him to/ are you still feeling bad that you looked odd while attending a friend’s birthday bash during the festive season? Or that he never bought you that gift that he had once promised? Are you still dwelling on self pity that if you were in your friends shoes you could have toured the world in 50 days?

Why don’t you start appraising yourself and begin to do what I call a necessary quarantine? What then happens? If you were not alive to have witnessed 2013. I bet you could have had the powers to have your mortal flesh resurrected. How possible could that have been?

Now that we are in 2013,  why don’t you begin to welcome new thoughts, ideas and lifestyles?

To the lady in the waiting, you’ve gone to relationship seminars, written down all sorts of conventional nuggets some of which has even offended your sense of cultural and feminine identity but yet, Mr. right ain’t coming your way? Don’t you think is high time you sat down and  did some reality check on yourself? Don’t you think that there are some habits, attitudes and characters that are repelling the likely prospects coming your way?

 Have you been neurotic, cantankerous, proud, arrogant and lazy? Why don’t you fix your end of the line first before attempting to skydive into a relationship? Last year you got older and this year every second is ticking away. Only a fool does something the same way repeatedly and expect a different result, Now that we are in 2013, tries and amend your ways!

What about that business you once had a passion and a burning desire for? Are you still willing to re–ignite that passion that once consumed your thoughts? Common! Get back to your hustle bro / sister! Life is too short not to take those risks that would redefine our existence and change all the circumstances around us.

To the final year student, you do realize that this is the final stage of your academic journey and you know also that there is a time schedule attached to your period of stay in school I guess. What has been your plan all these while? Are you busy building up wild imaginations that there are jobs everywhere?  Are you aware that globally that unemployment rates are steady on the increase? Have you made plans of getting some of your innate skills developed? What can you do outside of your academic degree, this question will one day be thrown at you and how you prepare for it really influences how your future will look like.

Let me recollect, during the Xmas and new year celebration, those wonderful and  generous aunts and uncles, nieces, nephews of yours, gave and even funded some of your unwanted expenses, did you just fritter away those monies or have  you saved some of it? Have you got a business plan you’re brooding upon or planning to execute to keep you busy after school or during the course of waiting to be deployed for the National Youth Service scheme? Did you spend’ all those cash? Well the choice is yours.

That you are in final year does not give you any excuse to be so bold and insult your lecturers, office assistants and even cleaners, huh? Truth be told, even a cleaner can alter the case and course” of your academic results! yes! Everyone has their own sphere of influence! The earlier you realize this hidden truth, the wiser you’d become! So now that we are in 2013, make it a point of duty to be more respectful, industrious and dedicated.

For the brothers, Guys! Guys! Guys!!! Please, I know this year has its own present opportunities and expected ‘expectations’. Do you understand my grammar? Here is it “expected-expectations” that is earnest anticipation for something positive shikena. Please if you have been dating a lady for 3 to say 6 years and all of a sudden you lost interest in the ‘lady’ kindly find a generous and diplomatic way of letting her go . Don’t pass behind her back and propose to another girl! Doing so is same as poisoning yourself.

Hold on! I’m not done yet, some brothers have an attitude problem, and this not only centres on greed, it also dwells on procrastination, nagging, yes! Are you surprised? Guys nag; I know some dude who is married and nags like a lady scorned on a bad day. Still on the matter- Some guys argue a lot, blindly, and even foolishly! Nna Mehn!!!! Abeg, biko, try and do away with those attitudes, it is for your own good.

Next on the line is bad social habits, social manners, mannerisms. When I mean habits, I mean HABITS!!!! Want me to scream it louder? HHHHAAAAAAAAAABBIT! Yes, it is a pity, utmost pirry as Jennifer Akindele would say  that some dudes are still battling and struggling with smoking, drug addiction, pornography, telling lies, masturbation, homosexuality, and even pilfering! Too bad, if you find yourself battling with this issues listed above, kindly seek for help, either medical or spiritual but I’d suggest you go for spiritual help first.

How? you may want to know, just find a quiet time and in your privacy, take a pen and a paper, preferable a pencil, and make a list of all the habits you want to erase out of your life, note them down and ask God to help you do away with them.

KEEP SAYING TO YOURSELF, I’M FREE, FREE FROM THIS HABIT (NAME OF HABIT) , GOD HAS GIVEN ME POWER OVER THIS HABIT, I’M A FREE MAN, yeah? There is power in positive confessions! Just keep doing it and still get yourself committed in prayer. If you are a Muslim, seek for help in the quoran

Still for my brothers, there is no joy far greater than having your parents to be alive to see your own kids, and to make that dream a reality, you have to make the right choices. This year please do us all a favour, PUT A RING ON IT! I don’t wanna go into details but please, if that girl, lady, Chic, Omoteh, Yarinya was good to show you some love, you explored all that you can, don’t accuse her before God that she is a whore yeah? Cos you made her one! So please propose not based on pity but on inner beauty!

In general you can start 2013 in these few ways listed

  • Try as much as possible to live in peace and harmony with your neighbours and family friends
  • Try going on that vacation you’ve always wanted and imagined!
  • Try giving your home a new look, repaint, re-arrange and dust off those cabinets
  • Give more expect less and depend on God alone.
  • Go the extra mile in all that you do, develop yourself, read books, journals and attend meetings and symposia.
  • Always take your time to evaluate your actions before committing your time, money and energy into a particular project—huuuuh! This word goes to me too! Hahahaha! Funny right?
  • Develop a more intimate relationship with God! Yes o! For He’s Our Maker
  • Get soft Skills, IT skills, learn, train and develop your passions and interest.
  • Remember we do not live for the moment, we live for the future.
  • Do have a blessed 2013 ahead!
  • Happy new year again