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Real life Crowdfunding Success Stories

The Kickstarter Handbook By Don Steinberg

Are a 7am-5pm worker? , Are you unemployed? Do you seek to start-up and start out a business of yours? Do you have an idea that seems not to materialize? Have you lost faith in the financial systems of our country? Well if you’re an enterprising person and would really like to see your ideas translated into worthy results, then this book is definitely for you.


Business Journalist & Staff Writer for the business section of the Philadelphia Inquirer- Don Steinberg in this book tells of the major points in setting up a business venture of your own with credible and well documented interviews of several entrepreneurs, artists, business moguls, film makers, Fashion designers, Stylists and inventors who took the idea of their business to the neck level by leveraging on the internet to raise funds.! Thanks to Kickstarter.com, a common platform where all ideas can be planted, watered and nurtured till maturity.


Whatever your business plans are, The StartUp Handbook has the much needed information you need in the critical phase of a business. According to the Author, “”At Kickstarter, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to raise $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, or more. All you need is a great idea—and The Kickstarter Handbook.


In summary, This book is primarily for people who are thinking about having a crowdfunded project for the first time. It’s filled with the stories of great Kickstarted success – and some equally big failures – and it definitely helps you get the general idea of what the Kickstarter experience might look like

Now if you ask me, I’d say that you do not need mush more information to succeed, just act on the information you have just read.