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Happy Friday day people of Naija, I’m so excited this morning!!!!!! Haaaa! Yes ooo! I don’t know about you but I for one knows that something great is going to happen in my life anytime soon. – can I get an Amen somebody. I can’t explain it but part of what is making me happy has to do with what I read in the book of Isaiah chapter 43 verses 18 through 19.

How It All Began

On Wednesday 6th February, I had the  awesome opportunity of being in the presence of my very loving dad, -God. Under the voice of my pastor – Pastor Emmanuel Okonkwo. Right there and then, he shared with us about some intimate revelations about what has laid in his heart. With rasp attention, pastor told us to open our bibles to the book of Isaiah 43 verse 18, 19 and when I did, the whole church burst into uncontrollable excitement. There was an atmosphere of excessively charged, enthusiastic and spirit filled worshippers eager to hear more. Yours sincerely was really thirsty to hear more, learn more and get in touch with the supernatural.

After pastor shared some of those scriptures with us, I found myself repeating the same scriptural verse over and over again. I wrote it on a “stick it’ note pad and attached it to the back of my refrigerator. And since then my excitement has known not bounds. God is surely going to do something new in my life, your life and in the life of every one reading this right now. Oya say Amen!!!!!!!!!

First Of All ………….Let’s Talk About Valentine.

If you’re in the same country that I am, in this same fast moving, pulsating, ginger filled and capital city of hustlers, and also if you are on the various social media platforms, you will observe that the much talked about love day is already making headlines and lots of hashtags are already causing on air social media traffic. But  inspite of my busy schedules, here are some intimate quotes I found motivating and thought provoking.

Valentine Extravaganza

Intimate Moments

How The Idea Sprang

It was Saturday, obviously the last Saturday in the month of January, **forgive me for not adding the date please!!!!!!!??? I was at a friend’s place – Ferdinand Adimefe after a video shoot for the upcoming program Creative Nigeria Project was preparing for. Other peeps like the Shawn Faqua, Linda Ejiofor, Mudiaga Ogboru was also there but some of them never participated in the recording.

By the time we were through, I had no option than to find a spot and chizz’ out but Ferdy Suggested that we roll home yeah? So? I obliged. When we arrived at his apartment, everyone was tired, Oops lest I forget, his adorable Fiancé Ms Lily Okpapi, prepared one of the most Delicious, Mouthwatery, Yummilicious, Choppable, SweetChow! —-Guess by now, you too must be salivating.. Sowrie, yeah? Don’t mind me jare. Ehen where did I stop? Ok Lily prepared Spaghetti Bella with corned beef and tomato sauce. That was the BEST MEAL I’d ever had for the month of January! Believe me, I’m not saying this to make Lily happy or boost her ego, mehn! Dat lady has the culinary skills that could take the combination of TFC, Mr Biggs, Chicken Republic, Chez Alex, Native Pot, Sammies Restaurant, Mekants,Emmatex,Banana Republic, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sweet Sensation out of the market! Bless that lady oh lord!

Then after the chow, I now proceed to lay my hands on a book written by Bruce and Stan. Your task is this, go and find out what the title of the book is! Hahahahahahah what a puzzle I must say. Anyways in the spirit of the Valentine’s Day, I felt I must share it.

Why Share The Quotes?

Ok, incase you must have been wondering why I choose to share these quotes, I  decided I must share it to let our young, yoppy generation know that marriage is indeed a blessing, that love actually, is a beautiful thing yes ooo!. If you look around us, you will observe that never a day passes by without news of rape, sexual assault or infidelity not filtering into our ears, Infact such news have come to reside in our psyche as the norm of the day, it has indeed become a worrisome and shameful trend. Must we keep silent and allow the evils of ungodly and unrepentant people rule over our generation? Well my answer is NO! CAPITAL NO! MBA!,

And so the first solution to these societal problems is for us to cherish the institution of marriage and let all men know that Valentine’s Day is a day to be celebrated. If you are a single folk, kindly do not force yourself into the arms of a girl / brother ok? Wishing you all the best of this weekeand.

Here Comes The Intimate Quotes

Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity

George Bernard Shaw

Marriage is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthday and the other never forgets

Ogden Nash

I love you; it should be frequently repeated phrase in your marriage

Bruce & Stan

If Couples would put half the effort into marriage that they put into courtship they would be surprised how things would lighten up

Bruce & Stan

It takes only a moment each day to secure love for a lifetime

Bruce & Stan

One of the quickest ways to choke romance out of marriage is to take each other for granted

Author Unknown

What we lack is not love but heart

Henri Boulard

They do not love, who do not show love

William Shakespeare

Lord when we are wrong, make us willing to change, and when we are right, and help us easy to live with

Peter Marshall

Stop worrying and invite God into the “little’ details of your life

Bruce & Stan

I won’t object to my wife having the last word, if she’d get to it

Bruce & Stand

God and our conscience knows our secrets, let then correct them

Mark The Ascetic

God stands fast as your rock, steadfast as your safeguard, sleepless as your watcher, valiant as your champions

Charles Spurgeon




This goes to my brother and childhood friend, Kester Ihiembuobi Nwabiani and his beautiful princess Voke as they say “I DO” tomorrow. Congratulobia wene’m ooo!