Last Saturday 9th February 2013, I was at a wedding, immediately the bouquet was to be thrown, all the single ladies came out, but before now, they all were ‘forming’ bizzi ! Huh? were they not ready to mingle? asked Uche, my eldest cousin. We really came to ‘spy’ on some chics shaa but ended up getting so confused as to whom to choose. Single ladies too plenty for hia ooo! abeg make we dey go joor was his last shot. Well that was our experience and from there I came to a conclusion, every lady needs to have a unique selling presentation point. Yes! singleness is worth keeping but being in a union with someone you love and cherish is worth celebrating . Or don’t you think so sheila? huh? .
Well here for this week , are songs Sheila has called “The Singleton” songs. I can’t lay my hands on her true intent but I feel she tells us here that we can still keep up the good wok of preserving our ‘hearts’ till the good day when the good “one’ shows up. Then something else seems to be the theme of this whole songs, “Female Liberation” hian! Na war? When a woman celebrates her freedom from an abusine or sometimes obsessive relationship, truth is she becomes a radical emotional philosopher, wearing the scars of her past like a bracelet. That to me, is too extreme, and If you are one of those who keep saying you don’t need a man, then keep your lips shut when the buzz about Valentines day is goin up on twitter! ehen, don’t expect any gifts from the opposite sex.