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First Of All!—————-Happy Vals Day!

I’m grateful, on behalf of my family, friends, State, local Government, Country, Church, to God for sparing our lives till this precious moment where we have to appreciate our loved ones and forgive  them all of their wrong doings. Today is not just about sensual love and eros alone, we should try and deny ourselves of the  selfish mentality of I, alone and begin to spread the love to other people ! at least , make someone happy! leave a smile on a strangers face! that’s what the true intent of love is all about. Lets try and practice Agape love, and fraternize with people we meet with people regardless of their ethnicity, tribe or religious beliefs.

Rose Bouquet

Rose Bouquet

I remember with nostalgia, those days in the University! hmmp! this day 14th was sort of a ‘holy’ day! . The University was agog with festivities! and the whole environment smelt of ‘fresh love’.Gifts moved faster than the speed of light, there was shouts of excitement , then and the ladies wore their best hair. But a day before that, the whole salon around the school was filled up, Usually with strange looking hair stylists. The guys were not left out, they were also seen doing last minute buys, shops were overcrowded and girls wore tempting dresses!

But that was then, and now alone in my office typing this, I could recall in explicit details (pardon me) how my 24th valentines day was spent in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. So memorable I must say.

At this moment I feel that as I have come off age, I must and should  consider the less privileged in our society. I’ve been through the length and geographical breadth of this every busy city of Lagos  I’ve seen poverty in Kogo-Gabas Kuli kuli Village near Daura (the Home of Mohammadu Buhari). Can we practice the lamb kind of love,? giving away some of our prized posessions  yes! PRIZED POSESSIONS away and let someone also appreciate the beauty of life? Let someone who never expected a gift giggle with smile? that’s what VALENTINES day also stands for.

Single Rose Flower

Single Rose Flower

So good people of Nigeria, as you go about your daily business of  shopping for your husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancee, fiance, brother, sister, nephews, please! pleease, Abeg, Biko, Ejo’or remember that child in primary three, that lives near your house, do remember to buy her a school bag and make her see reasons for celebrating valentines day!

Yes o! ” Life without love” is, not worth living—Anslem Ozor.

Have a wonderful day ahead people! Gracias!!!