A Bellyful of Words

You know this popular line about all good things coming to an end, well one thing I know is that the end sometimes is welcoming and heart warming. This is the same feeling I always get whenever I am concluding a story or an article or any of those kinda things which have been choking me to come out.

Writing these last lines has always been exhilarating, no; scintillating, no;… These are not the words I am looking for…Ehm!… well I don’t think a word would fit in, cos doing that would in a way mean reducing abi degrading the feeling into one simple word which might not fully explain it…so I would just go ahead and tell you the feeling.

At first, I tense up, I look very serious…no, I am very serious; I try not to blink as much as I normally do for fear that…

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