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Hey Guys!


Hands Of Kenya

You won’t believe that I’m awake by 1:51am , at this time when few mortals lay awake to do many things. Some of us are busy writing out fresh posts for our blogs, while some, are in their demonic covens trying to unleash their evil plans on the innocent world. Some people also as at this hour are speaking divine and godly mysteries into their future, some are already commanding heavenly intervention on their behalf, some are in mid air travelling, some are in the hospitals seeking medical attention for emergencies of all sorts-I dare say that at least some where in our blessed  country, there are mixed shouts and cries of newborn babies and deaths.Whatever the night is all about, I say to you, LIVE! LIFE! and WORK THE LIFE!

Rather than see things from the natural perspective, why not take a hint from me, Get closer to God, learn to command and speak those things that be not as they were, let’s learn to wake up and intercede for our country, our families and ourselves, in that way we would be obstructing the works of darkness and be depopulating the kingdom of hell.

Think about it. Good Morning!