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Ndii’ibem Ututu’oma nuuu oooo! ( My People Good Morning)

Eka’aro gbo gbo’ile…                                         

Just this Monday morning, I’m squeezed in between different options and the least I have to say is that I have to take sides with both. Weird isn’t it?. As a true patriot and a concerned citizen, the current issues trending on the political scene has made me want to give up on this geographical community called Nigeria.


Ikorodu Road, Lagos

Tamaradiepiriye Alamieyeseigha

First is the issue of the pardon granted to former mystic escapee – I’m sure y’all know who I’m talking about. The only Izon man who used ‘black magic’ to escape from the white bars’ and finally landed in Nigeria heads high. This same man is being granted pardon by the powers conferred on the President and people have enough and enough reasons to question the real motives of the President for granting Diepiriye Alamieyeseigha bail. If you ask me, I’d rather say that the President was supposed to have even made it a point of public consideration or rather opinion before granting Alams’ bail but ehmm (scratches head) # Na Naija we dey na. Anything goes abi?

Oladipo Diya Oh! Diya, how art thou grown grey hairs while in prison. Oladipo Diya, if I’m not mistaken and I stand a chance to be corrected, has been in prison for almost 16 years now. I’m not so sure his incarceration triggered any gross feelings for the acts he was said to have committed but he looks so weak and quiet infact looking pale and frail. His meek disposition easily reminds you of someone who shared similar characters with Theophilus Danjuma. I’m so happy that he has found “#Freedom At Last.

My Oga At The Top.

Last night I couldn’t find sleep. Not when you have trouble makers who disguise as pals on BBM , sending you all manners of unsolicited messages -#NA dis kind thing Oyibo dey call INVASION OF PRIVACY. Ehn naa,, Imagine if Aunty Funke came calling – booty call and then when I’m supposed to be acting in true response to Flavour’s Song #baby baby fire dey go ooo! Baby okwun. then someone will, for no reason try and slow me down with BBM broadcast.! Regarding the need to stop spreading the My Oga At The Top issues that has gone viral.That’s badt shaa. All the same. I’m aware that Mrs “NSCDC’ went protesting at Channels TV that she and im Oga no dey fit sleep. Whao! Really? I thought before now, She and her husband would have been amongst the large demography pouring curses on the leaders of this country who have sworn never to take the issues of Governance for the good of the common man. Now that her words and curses have turned round like the natural law of retributive justice- to haunt her husband, she don dey complain? Abi Oga At The Top No Be Something Wey Pass The TV Interview? Infact Nigerians have been using this medium to expose mediocrity the high places.

Oga at the Top could mean various things

  1. Boss In Your Office- He is an Oga At The Top
  2. When making out’ with your spouse –missionary style.. Chairman na Oga at the top
  3. You’re in a meeting and you’re being asked to answer questions above your responsibility. Please tell them to refer their questions to Oga At The Top.
  4. You stay in an apartment , lets say 1004 towers. Plumber came to do some repairs and as a cleaner, you cannot march into  the person’s apartment without prior notice or consent of the owner of the apartment, so what do ou say in this regard? Oga At The Top No dey House
  5. You and President Jonathan went to see an Obama. Yes, an Obama is any capacity ought to be respected, then suddenly CNN carry camera come meet you make you answer questions, wetin you go talk? Are you a learner? You wan talk wetin Oga AT The Top Never ask you make you comment on?

Then the main issue that troubles me is these swarm of communal locusts that have become a menace more than managers on the State’s highways- Im talking of LASTMA officials. Yes! What I saw this morning made me question the sanity behind their thoughts. Are these people human? How can you chase a vehicle and be hitting the windshield because the driver refused to part with N50!

The other day, these same set of LASTMA officials pursued a yellow VW van loaded with fresh farm produce and right there on the service lane of the third mainland bridge, the bus skidded off the runway and somersaulted! .

These and many issues have kept me wondering if Nigeria will be safe for us all in the years ahead.

Anyways, y’all have a blessed day ahead.