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Hello Great People Of Nigeria,

today I come to you humbled and hurt, pained and saddened by the way our Government officials continue to insult our collective interests vested in us as true citizens of this great land. One of such insults is the unpatriotic and unguarded use of words by Dr Reuben Abati. His constant use of some strange but abnormal adjectives to describe the intellectual capacity of 200 Million people is quite unbecoming!

I would have loved to write more , but my sister and friend here, Chiemelie  continues the story.


                                    Dr Reuben Abati

Hear Her:What is it with money and power that makes mince meat out of integrity? It is saddening that people who blast the government at every turn end up singing the praises of the same government once they join the cabinet. Time will fail me to mention them all but I think the case of Reuben Abati is one choice example. I mean, this was someone I read about in school; someone our lecturers(in this case, of my alma mater, Mass Communication Department, Anambra State University) told us to emulatI sure do hope my lecturer has changed the role model figure for the current students cos I don’t see what’s worthy of emulation in the present Abati (with all due respect). What am I ranting about you may ask? Dr. Abati has practically rescinded all his anti government talk forgetting that history is called history because its documented. As pointed out by Simon KOLAWOLE in his Sunday article, Dr.Abati has made a 360 turn from his former beliefs. For instance, take a look at one of the recent issue of the presidential pardon. The same Abati who flayed Alamieyeseigha’s in 2005 has called 

us (Nigerians) a bunch of ignorant people. Really? Like seriously? Little wonder I think the good Dr. has a case of amnesia however temporary it is. His quotes in 2005 and in 2013; 
“Alamieyeseigha has shown himself to be a dishonourable fellow, unfit to rule, unfit to sit among men and women of honour and integrity, unfit to preach to the people that he leads about ideals and values.” -~ Dr. Reuben Abati, writing in The Guardian on November 25, 2005.
“Nigerians Reaction To Alamieyeseigha’s Pardon Is ‘Sophisticated Ignorance.”~ Dr Reuben Abati, March 16th, 2013