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Continuous Improvement

Hey! First Of All, I must say welcome! Let me guess?? You did not open this link because you wanted to know more about branding and business strategies, you simply did because you saw something that caught your attention “How Well Do You Know Dr. Dre”. Don’t deny it, be frank about it. But either way you see it, Dr. Dre is a disciplined and dedicated producer who has succeeded in branding himself in a way no other producer in America and all around the world has.- Welcome to the Hexavian Branding Series Part 2.


Dr. Dre

Dr Dre real name Andre Romelle Young. known to frustrate artists in the vocal booth. Even Busta Rhymes had to leave Aftermath records. Jay-z calls him a perfectionist. He got Snoop Dogg to repeat his verse on the song “Gin and Juice” over 113 times, the result of this includes a classic album, the discovery of one of the greatest and one of the highest selling Hip-Hop artist of all time, Eminem. After spending years in the studio was declared the man with the best eardrum in the world, this won him a Multi Million dollar deal on earphones (Beats by Dre) and the title, The Most Respected producer in Hip-Hop. But he records an album ONLY once in about 6 years. Still wondering what his secret is?-He mastered his art.



 In Korean Taekwondo, it is taught “Don’t be scared of a person who practices 100 kicks one time; fear the person who practices one kick a 100 times“. Amateurs work till they get it right, professionals work until they can’t get it wrong. Thomas Edison, after trying to invent the light bulb a hundred times but failed was asked what he learned from his failure. First of all he said he didn’t fail, but only learned 100 ways that the light bulb cannot work. Decades later, it’s up NEPA! He later invented the light bulb! Excellence is an attitude. Master your art! Keep going. We are what we repeatedly do. Practice makes perfect. Welcome to the 12th Law out of HEXAVIAN LAWS OF BUSINESS. The Law of Process and Continuous Improvement.

Credits: Hexavia, Uwaoma Eizu.