The Achebe Legacy

The Kente Weaver

So I knew, I’d like to write something longer for this man,  touted the “father  of modern African literature”. Prior to accepting this title as befitting of Achebe, I was wary of a possible exaggeration of his impact as a writer. For want of a better explanation, I asked how certain we are that, there were no other great literary heroes before Achebe? For in my mind, we, Africans in general, have always been a people who’s lives revolved around storytelling. By calling him the ‘father’, are we ignoring generations of people who may have been equally excellent at weaving tales of prominent African warriors, battles, kings and queens, albeit in languages other than English?

However, it is important to note that, in Achebe’s appellation, “modern” is the key word – “Father of modern African literature”. And with that in mind, Achebe deserves to be recognized  as the father of…

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