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Good Morning creative, energetic, gifted and blessed people, how una dey?  Well the weekend is over, and Voom! We all are back to our desks, finishing our Friday left-over’s, scheduling meetings and having last minute arrangements for our tight schedules. Never mind, God will see us through.

The Queen  Flower

The Queen Of The Night Flower

And that reminds me, have you ever wondered why God is called the Immanent and the transcendent God? Just for a minute, pause and brood over it, it’s a real serious matter and when you do, you’ll understand that God’s immanence makes him ever present in those little things we do, the little matters we do think about or in issues we seem to just write off. Then, when you consider the whole universe in itself, the way the heavens are suspended , the way the waters were carefully demarcated from the land, then you’d have a strong reason also to consider the fact that God is a transcendent God.

As part of my new year resolution (we’re 4 months into the year), I’ve promised God one thing, that in all I do, I’ll speak, talk, sing of his name and I’ll market his kingdom for him! Yes? You and I ought to market Gods kingdom. What comes to your mind when John the Baptist was busy saying and shouting “Make way, make straight, the highway for the King”. He was marketing God’s kingdom. As far as I’m concerned (Views personal). God brought Christianity to man, Jesus established the heavenly brand, John the Baptist marketed the ministry! Ok that’s enough sermon for y’all.

But irrespective of what our schedules are, kindly take out some day during your lunch break and read this;

Imagine a garden filled with pathways that beautifully wind in every direction. As you begin to walk about, you discover that no matter which path you follow, you come across and endless variety of magnificent flowers with vibrant colours and breathtaking fragrances.

Each time you take a new turn, your view becomes more splendid than the last, totally captivating your heart and thoughts, as it fills your soul with unspeakable pleasure.

In a similar way, the promises of God are the pathways that lead you into the beauty and the splendor of his faithfulness.

As we continue to walk by faith and not by sight in the things that God has prepared for us, the beauty of His ways and the sweet fragrance of His goodness overwhelm our hearts with joy and great delight.

Here’s the spring verse for the day.

“For as the earth

Bringeth forth her bud

And as the garden

Causeth the things that are sown

In it to spring forth

So the Lord will God will cause

Righteousness and praise to spring forth. (In our lives!)

Isaiah 61:11 KJV.

So in all you do today and even during the week, could you please take the burdens off your mind by asking God to intervene? Irrespective of how big or small the issue at hand may be like. House rent? Job changes?  Relationships? Personal finance, starting out a new business with a new partner? Relocating? About to get married? About to propose to that heartthrob of yours? Involve God for he alone has the power of changing the watery situations into wine!. Remember, He Alone Is The IMMANENT & TRANSCEDENT!

Do have a blessed week ahead!