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Monday 29th April , was indeed a busy for me, unlike normal Mondays where I’d have to resume at my desk and then get down to business as usual, I was summoned into a discussion I wasn’t cut out for. On my way out walking towards the administrative block of my office, I overheard two ladies giggling .They were expressing their shared thoughts on getting a life of their own. I waved across and then the sentence stuck in my head, and kept it shut up in my mind. Moments later I found myself rummaging through pages of my conscience, trying to untie the knot that has been fastened around my imagination.

So I had A Puzzle

Getting down to my office, no sooner had I relaxed than my dailies dispatch man dropped a copy of the PUNCH newspapers for me. I was reluctant to skim across the papers but what drew my attention was how voluminous the pages were. What could have bent he contents? I pondered, then on second thought, I asked, yet again, has boko haram struck again? Various patterns of thoughts flowed through my mind and eroded feelings of true patriotism, I felt like letting go and taking a deep breath –that is to say Naija oti’baje? abi? Ok (pardon my weak Yoruba please)


A Life Of My Own

Curiosity Alert.

How does it feel when we yield to the temping desires of our thoughts? That was my sane mind rebuking me for attempting to open those pages of that newspaper when eventually I attempt reading the paper. To my surprise, it was Mike Adenuga’s birthday. Trust Nigerians and their various accolades being poured like fresh oil upon the persona and character of Mike Adenuga.

One of the congratulatory messages had a cheque with a billion seconds calculated as his stay on earth. “Hmm Nice concept I nodded, I gave them thumbs up for that, another message had called Mike Adenuga’s business  acumen as ‘business wizardry – So let’s at this point call Mike Adenuga Lord of The Glo abi? . But apart from those powerful words that ushered in a new realm of life for Mike  Adenuga, one thing I found out was that we, everyone I and yours sincerely writing this text needs a life of his own. Yeah? That true. Cos’ Adenuga’s got life of his own, impact a lot and that’s why folks took out time and money to celebrate him on his buffdae!

You have a life of your own when you begin to be an impact rather than a part. Like I’ve often times wondered that when one becomes reasonably well-to-do and as part of what he is entitled to, by virtue of his successes, becomes a public figure hence part of what is involved in life of his own is to deny himself the initial comfort of his own self and seek out to reach out to other people.

In one of my previous musings, I was of the opinion that one of the insoluble problems of a man who becomes a public figure is that he no longer belongs to himself or to his wife in the case of married folks, as a single man, he not only belongs to his fiancée or his girlfriend and also to his circle of close friends or to his family either, he begins to belong to the public where there is a very real sense of duty and commitment and there’s a supposed  meaning  in which that has to be so.

Think about this;A surgeon cannot refuse to carry out an emergency operation because he happens to have planned a family party. So also a pilot cannot refuse to fly a plane because his wife had just put to bed. A great captain of a ship cannot refuse to set sail because his family wants to relocate. A great police officer cannot refuse a sudden investigation of a crime simply because he wants to spend the night with his kids and wife at home. A great statesman cannot refuse a tour of the country when he would rather be with his family. A parson cannot refuse summons to comfort the sorrowing and soothe the troubled and the ill on an evening when he has planned an outing with his wife and children. Meanwhile, the demands of public life are merciless, inexorable and brute! on the man who has something, in large supply which the public needs and demands. Take my words!

These examples above are what it takes to get a life- refusing to let the selfish interests of yours take over the overall interest of people whose life you’re meant to inspire! On the flip side of the coin, this new phase of life makes things very difficult for those who are nearest and dearest to folks in such positions. Sometimes, the human relationship collapses under the strain of diverse commitments and duties. Take for instance in the tragic marital breakup of two couples whose lives have been of a worthy example to a lot of people whose wife in the end, left him

However no matter the field of endeavor we find ourselves, our skills, talents and creativity shot us up there. Hardwork passion and commitment sustained us and then imaginations sharpened with creativity will keep us soaring to greater heights for in the end, nothing is worth more that a well built up talent.

All talent is a responsibility. When left unused and unexploited positively becomes a great burden. You might want to know but that’s a different topic to another day. The greater talent a man has, the less he belongs to himself. Just as Jesus admonishes that a man who puts even the dearest relationship and life before him is not worthy of him (Matthew 10:37-38) but where Iove is great enough and where love lets itself known even this problem can be solved.

In getting a life of my own, I’ve come to understand the ephemeral nature of life, I’ve also struggled to come to terms with the holistic reality that a great man is always a thoughtful man and that no act of selfless service can possibly be humiliating, I’ve also come to understand that there is grace in giving as well as in taking. I’ve come to realize that I have to extend my sphere of influence for me to be able to create more lasting impacts on the future generations to come. Because I cannot imaginemyself  being part of a leadership that is not visionary-what I’d like to call a tragic leadership

I’ve come to be realistic about the fact that while I might not like a crises, part of getting a life of my own involves  me harnessing the opportunities such crises and disaster may bring across life’s way and turn it to a better stuff.

I’ve come to realize that I cannot condescend to the level of any situation I find myself and accept Hobson’s choice as my final paycheque!

But in getting my own life I’ve learnt an ultimate lesson and it’s a question for y’all.

Do you regard crises as a time to sit down and wail or a time to rise up and act? Mike Adenuga is where he is because he rose up from being a taxi cab driver in one of the cities abroad to becoming a booming CEO. What lesson have I learnt if you may ask?

My Answers In My Resolutions 

I will lead a life of integrity

I will refuse to look at anything vile and vulgar

I will not deal with folks who are crooked in their ways

I reject peverse ideas and stay away from every evil

I will not tolerate folks who slander their neighbours

I will not endure conceit and pride

I will earnestly search for  faithful people as my companions.

Psalm 101.

Happy workers day!

This Piece is dedicated to all Slum2School Volunteers.