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This piece of my heartfelt expression was borne out of many many pains and struggles after I’d come out of a major situation that humbled me. I do believe God lets us pass through the fire, rain and storm for certain reasons. Remember he once said that his yoke is easy and his burden light?.

Exactly ! you grab the idea yeah? that’s how I felt. The burden of falling, failing, suffering a set back, stumbling, and breaking some ungodly convenants by virtue of some associations in my undergraduate days were all what led to the ideas that brought about this repentant  allegory of mine.

This note was written on the 19th of March  2010. I hope you’d find pleasure reading it as much as I was inspired to write it.


During My Youth Service Year In Gidan Yarra, Kofar Yandaka, Northern Nigeria. Inset Is Mike A.K.A Onyoki

I’ve always wondered what it would look like having billions of cash around me thinking that would give me a sense of fulfillment that as a human, the first measure of being comfortable was being rich. Nonetheless, my carnal minded self as at then mistook wealth for riches. Truth is God knows the thought of every man and he keeps his hands open and his ears wide open for us to long and give him our heart, our mind in earnest heartfelt supplication in prayers . As a philosopher once said, the wise man must be wise before the event, not after the event. Rather than seek the face of God before I embarked on what I call a ‘roll-back’ trip, I hurriedly imagined a real-quick idea and desperately launched into it. My intention was out of fear not faith, and then the main foundation that influenced that decision was to escape from a life I feared most. Similar to what Job said in the Bible, what I feared most is come upon me.

I write this piece as a letter of intent to God for my other plans and to appreciate the friends who saw me through a period of spiritual refinement, mental agony, psychological trauma and emotional bankruptcy.
Don’t pack your bags yet!
“But it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty that gives him understanding. (Job 32-8)

My life as an undergraduate saw me as a young energetic man that had the strength for almost anything. I fulfilled my desires at the slightest urge and felt at ease with a particular addiction. It was quite spiritual and the other was physical. The spiritual was gave me a lending advantage over my flesh, and my mind, it gave me a reason that the best way to avoid sin was to give way to it. While the physical addiction was a function of the logical assumption on which the latter was built. I was therefore a product of various schools of thought and this gave me an advantage over some situations right from infancy as a precocious kid.

I had mental intercourse with different authors on various subjects; name it the book of Mormon, Spiritual encyclopaedia, and a book that claims it had a secret of life. This book was about 3997 pages and at the end, my mind was turned against God. This was in my final year.
Unknown to me, all this was a plan carefully orchestrated by God to bring me closer to him. As the tapes played out, I stopped classes, I skipped lectures and at the end I was broken in spirit and all my fears came upon me. The truth is this, God uses trying moments in our lives to purify us as Silver, and it comes in three stages…Putting an end to complaining, announcing your problems and doing nothing about it, and then the point at which you stop feeling sorry for yourself, blaming people for your mistakes, and when one stops feeling you cannot be trusted or feeling unreliable, and then finally moving on to please God with a personal relationship like father and son.

This in my own case was done by FAITH just like the Bible said, without faith, it is impossible to please God.
Every appearance of a trial depicts an imminent promotion in our lives, in my life and in your life too (the reader). So I encourage anyone going through a trying time to rejoice b’cos your promotion is just ahead. I rather would not call mine testimony but ‘approved words’. I stand as a witness before myself and God to say that I’ve never been so overwhelmed by what I’ve seen God do. “God is able to do, just what he says He’ll do, and he’s going to fulfill every word to you, &me..Don’t give up on God, b’cos he’ll not give up on you. He’s able—Song lyrics from Darwin Cobbs. What I’ve not been able to do with my human strength for 5 months, I was, by his awesome grace without sweat. able to do it in 5 days!

In my little stay on earth, after giving my life to Christ, I found those habits of indepth astrology & mysticism too sweet to be left.Until I discovered that for a man to be free he has to break away from being a captive of his own identity. I’ve had friends and I’ve had FRIENDS, I’ve had friends who added to my wealth of experience otherwise but I WILL never give credits unless worth it. I really appreciate those who lent their listening ears to me when my anchor almost broke away during the storms of life. I experimented everything I wanted and in the end God saw me through. I’m grateful to none but Christ for all my triumphs and travails and also to someone I know whose listening ears and sense of judgement is more than his human wisdom. Obie Onugha. I’ve had people cross examine ideas, diagnose issues and then proffered solutions but thanks to a dear friend whose pattern of tot matches mine but with a deeper realm in human psychology. Emeka Mgbemena you’re the best, Desmond Agboifo…U’re trusted… Ollor Alale, You’ve been another brother from a different mother. Obie Onugha the world is waiting to hear from you.

As I conclude the rest of this piece, alongside my CiTN biz plan, my autobiography skips the beat if I miss to add the “Crowned beyond crisis” experience. While I lace up my shoes, with my phone tugged between my shoulders and my ears listening to some folk yapping, I feel an atmosphere of peace undefined within me as my thoughts gets interrupted by the hotel attendant whilst I put up a cosmetic smile returning her fair share of the “Gud moin”..Next? I pack my bags, dust my books as I head towards the drive way waiting for my driver to come whisk me to destination ZA as dictated by “the list”

I appreciate u all and hopefully ask that God grant me my intent of returning your warmest gestures.
“Crowned beyond crisis” Agbor February 25th, 2010.