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Jay-z and Kanye West charged $6M (about a billion Naira) to perform for a few minutes at a party in Dubai, for the 16 year old daughter of multi-billionaire Sheikh Mansur, in 2011. #The Law Of Value. In Business, once you’ve created a brand, it creates goodwill, and then value, then wealth. What are you creating?

#The Law of Branding                         

Case Study 2, The Hexavian Law Of Innovation And The Law Of Generosity 
Hypo bleach knocked out Jik bleach from the Nigerian market by making cheaper units in sachet and then giving out a few thousands of it for free! For example, Hexavia as a company, has given out over 20000 e-copy of its first book (no cost on prints), the Hexavian Laws of Business. Drake was the first artist to ever be nominated for 2 Grammy Awards without an album even being released! Wow. All he had was free mix-tapes.

#The Law of Innovation and Generosity-In business, when you’re good enough, dare giving out the first fruits of your talent for free! Once the market can test it and it is good, they’d begin to pay!




Case Study 3 The Law Of Networking And People
(Find and network with your kind)

Busta Rhymes, Jay-z & B.I.G attended the same High School. Wole Soyinka and Fela used to live together overseas. Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac, years later the two biggest religions and wealthiest tribes (Jews and Arabs) can be traced back to the two. Socrates was once a tutor to Aristotle who taught another guy that became Alexander the Great. These became the 3 greatest philosophers of 3 generations. The roots of success and greatness would always be linked. People around you now (good or bad) is a clue of where you can end up. Find your kinds.

#The Law of Networking and People.


 Whao! What more can I say? these topics posted so far contains endless and timeless truths.As a business strategist, Uwaoma Eizu, has yet proved again , that he knows what he carries on the inside of him.Sharing such knowledge is what gives him personal satisfaction.


Uwaoma Eizu