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Hey People,!
Good day! and I hope this meets you well. Guess what? *rolls eyes* two of my friends are getting married in the same month! Ok. The gist comes up later. Well I want to thank all of you that took their time to commiserate with me and the family of Dr & Mrs Omumu on the recent demise of their son and a friend – Engineer Francis Emele Omumu. May the good lord rest his soul-Amen
Away from the gloom that beset last week’s early Friday morning skies, comes this good news- what the bible calls good tidings. Two of my close friends- Ferdinand Adimefe & Anthony Ochigbano will be joined to their hearthrobs come 13th and 20th of July
But if I may ask? Is this idea of writing “official love notes’ to a fiancée becoming a tradition?. Way back while growing up, the idea of writing about one’s feelings for a girl even when up to a reasonable age, was frowned upon. But these days, electronic civilization has broadened the mindset of our generation to look at the other side of the window.-to be brave enough, stand out and appreciate the one you love- after all, of all the needs in the  life of a man, / woman, the desire to be appreciated and loved in return  remains uncontestable and dominant.
This reminds me of what Friedrich Nietzsche says about love. He puts it this way “It is not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. “While falling in love is not a guaranty against arguments, misunderstandings and bickering later in life, keeping faith with the covenant already made with God as the center-piece, mutual respect and trust are some of the key elements that holds the institution of marriage in times of challenges .We wish them God’s blessings and wisdom to handle such challenges when those moments that seem to define true love comes up.
Congratulations Tony & Blessing, for taking time to nurse, and nurture a relationship till this stage. Here’s the letter.

I stood at the foyer trying to arrange things before church service as a worker in the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) Abuja when by the Public Relations Unit (PRU) Desk, my eyes caught a glimpse of a beautiful face that moved past me- beautiful, despite the blurry view before the break of dawn; she was tall, dark, and in a beautiful black suit, immediately I knew I had to introduce myself to her. I walked up to her and said  ‘Excuse me, I am Tony and I am new to PRU, may I know your name?’, she looked at me and said ‘Blessing’, ‘Hmm’ I thought to myself, ‘she’s cold!!!’. I kept observing her for weeks while the initial spark I felt for her kept growing. I enquired about her and realized she goes home via taxi so I offered to drop her at home and to my surprise I discovered that she lives close to me and since then I became her personal driver lol!


         Tony & Blessing 

Over time we became close friends and our friendship grew. One day, we were taking a drive home when her aunt called her.  As she answered the call she spoke my native language way more fluently than I did and boy was I tripped!’. My first impression was that she was a fantastic lady with a good heart, and as much as first impressions don’t always matter I’m glad she’s been proving me right ever since.

As our relationship continues to grow, I’ve found her to be more than the stunning lady who walked past me in Church, and in the words of one of my mentors Pastor Wole Soetan (COZA, Ilorin) she became the lady who stole two things- my heart and my ribs, and gladly she can keep it. Not only as she become my best friend, but she made me the happiest man alive on the 14th of February 2012 when she agreed to marry me at a dinner in Abuja. That day is special to me not just because Blessing agreed to marry me, its also the birthday of my only sibling, my other love- Valerie Ochigbano.


              Tony & Blessing

When I think about Blessing, my heart is still in complete wonder at how much she loves me and loves what I love. I gave her a pet name ‘Ihotu’ which in my native tongue means ‘the one that gladdens my heart’.  I can easily give you a million reasons why I love my Ihotu, but for now I will give just ten; she is a hundred women wrapped into one so sit back and relax as I unravel her unique personality

  1. She Fears And Loves God.

Ihotu has a commitment to God that from day one, I knew she will make a fantastic lover, wife and partner. I heard from one of my pastors,  Pastor  Mike Cassidy that ‘If a lady can sincerely pour her undivided attention and devotion on God, she can do that and more on a man she loves and sees’- these words have proven to be so true as her focus hasn’t shifted a day, off me!. She loves me despite my flaws and shortcomings, she is not concerned with the act of being religious, but she has a deeper relationship with God far beyond the surface, she devotes and believes in prayer.   

2. Her Heart Is A Flawless Diamond

 Her life hasn’t been a cake walk as we who know her personally can attest to, but through it all she has an overwhelming love for family and friends. Ihotu Loves my family like her own. She loves kids too! Ihotu goes all out for her friends; at first I thought it was a show, but after knowing her for 3 years I’ve come to realize she is the real deal.


      Tony & Blessing 

 3. She Forgives Genuinely

She’s so nice, that I even  get jealous. When we have a misunderstanding she makes sure we settle it that day, ‘we never sleep over it’. She is not contentious or loud even when she is right, instead she treats issues with soft words. As troublesome as I can be at times she handles me with patience and a genuine desire to forgive.

4. She Is Natural

I’ve met some ‘plastic fantastic’ ladies in past, Ihotu however has turned the notion of plastic is fantastic on its head as she is simple, classy and is perfection in motion. I remember going to a shop in Lagos airport to get a complete set of Black-up cosmetics for her, something she would never do on her own. I appreciate her ability to let her natural beauty shine without caking different things on her face and body. Please do not mistake her naturalness for being out of trends, au contraire! She helps with a lot of my fashion decisions, and on days she helps pick out an aspect of my look I get so many compliments all which I divert back to her as being the inspiration for my look, this leads me to her innate sense of judgment which is almost perfect, no wonder she chose me 😀

5. She Laughs At My Jokes

She is my number one Fan, and it’s never a dull moment around her, I mean she is one of the funniest people I know as she can say or do something that would have us both rolling on the floor laughing our heads off, and no matter how corny my jokes are it tickles her and she makes me feel like I’m Chris Rock (even though I know I’m not that funny)


                  Tony & Blessing

6. Her Voice

My Ihotu puts sparrows to shame with her brilliant singing. She is no doubt my favourite singer, she has such an incredible God-given Gift, I actually think we need to record an album as she can communicate the emotions in a song lyric unlike anyone I’ve ever seen or heard.

7. She Will Make A Great Home

Ihotu is neat to a fault. I have no doubt that she will make a great mom to our kids. I agreed we will have four kids with a boy as our first child; she however wants three with a girl as the first child so I’m looking forward to see who will win that tussle.

8. She Is Hard Working

As funny and sassy  she can be, Ihotu gets serious when she needs to be. She is a very hard worker who follows through on her commitment to her business, I love that she is not afraid to take risks and explore new options in business and in life.

9. Her Penetrating Smile

It still amazes me that I can still melt when she smiles even when its not at me. I like to do whatever I can to make her flash one smile. I feel all is well and right with the world when I can get her to smile for me.

10. I Just Want To Say I Love You Babes!

I don’t know how she does it but she inspires me daily to love her not just more, but better. I’ve never (and will never have) had the kind of soul tie and connection I have to Ihotu with anyone else, she brings out love in me as natural as breathing, I can never stop loving her as my love for her is essential to life. I bless the day I found my Ihotu as she lives up to that name every day, every day I see her, I spend with her, I’m acknowledged as her man my heart is so excited, I’ve been on cloud 9 since I met her and I’m not ready to come down from the incredible high that Ihotu gives me. I know she would probably tickle me silly for saying this but Ihotu isn’t a perfect lady yet her ‘incompleteness’ completes me


              Tony & Blessing


This Lady I “found” is still rocking my world and I can’t wait to spend eternity with my Ihotu.

So there you have it, the top ten things I love about my Ihotu, she will be making me the happiest man ever on the 13th day of July 2013, a day that will live forever as the day my world changed for the best; Ihotu, you gladden my heart!

Engr. Anthony Anyebe Ochigbano hails from Makurdi, Benue State. Tony maintains good social rapport with people around him and he is fun to be with. His stand to always project the love of God which he still professes with in-depth and unbridled passion, began from his early days at the University Of Port Harcourt where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Petroleum Engineering. He works as a Civil Engineer with the National Integrated Power Project.


The Wedding Card


Wedding Invite For Tony & Blessing


Credits: Kalada Hart

             Anthony Ochigbano





Happy reading.