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Happy New Month People! I’m so excited about this new month. Just as I write this, I’ m of mixed feelings over the recent happenings that has come across my way. From January to this new month of August, I’ve been richly blessed beyond measure (RBMB).Can somebody say amen, can somebody shout a big halleluyah (in Pa Adeboye’s Voice)


                            Lagos Lagos At Noon–   Happy New Month

Lest I forget, where are all the Augusta’s, the Augustine’s, the Austine’s the Austa’s???? Where are they all? Where Una dey ooo! That reminds me, I’ll have to be checking up on my old mobile phone contacts stored up in my excel sheet. Yes that’s what I’m about to do! Haaaa!!! I’m cracking up. Gosh! I predict massive birthday shindigs this period.

It’s the eight month of the year and like I said earlier on, I’m full of praises and appreciation to God for keeping my life.

My Pains

The Months of June, May and July just as they follow each other in sequence, left me in tears most especially the month of July. July 13th 2013, will be a month that I’d have to always be remembering, never to forget till I too go and meet with our lord when the right time cos though. I lost my beloved sweet mother, Mrs Veronique Obiazi-Ozor that very day. At about 10.30am, I was in church that cold Saturday morning having our men’s breakfast meeting with my pastor when my bbm alert came on and I checked the message was from my younger brother- Emmanuel Georgy announcing the death of my mother. It read thus “Mom is dead’ and another sms followed suit from my immediate younger sister Nneka “It went like this “mommy done die’. I mustered the strength within me, my legs heavy, and my eyes steamy like a mobile boiler as I left the meeting unannounced and went to put a call across to them. It was them I broke down in tears. You need to see me that day! Just like Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes rightly puts it, that strong men also cry. I knew then that just because I’m a man doesn’t mean that I don’t get emotional sometimes though. I wept bitterly and waited for the meeting to end before breaking the news to my pastor. His countenance became cold and said some words of prayer with me.

My mom left after a big battle with fibroid, high blood pressure, stroke and exhaustion. She was and is still a brave and strong woman. Even in death, her memories remain fresh in my heart. A mother’s death is very painful you know? Hmm. E no easy shaa. Rest in peace mom, I may never know how it all happened. 10 months and I never saw you, I longed to hug you and hear you call me by the name you call me so so differently, I longed to drive down and hear you chuckle with those baby dimples all over your face. I longed to see your bright, intrusive eyes and your warm love. I’ll forever miss you. While the world says good night. I know that it’s not yet night where you are because where God dwells, there can only be light in the midst of darkness, so mom all I have to say is Good Morning. Rest in peace Amen.

The next was that of my childhood friend and confidant, Francis Emele Omumu, he slept in the lord on Sunday 19th of May too. He had longed battled with cancer of the kidney and was rounding up his Masters programme in England UK when he slept in the lord.

Then was the case of my closest friend’s mom too, someone I could effortlessly call a brother from another mother-Paul. We attended same primary, Secondary school together and still went through the same University!. His mother and my mother also taught in the same School! His Mother was said to have been involved in an accident and died thereafter.

In all of these, I remain grateful to God for sparing the life of a stubborn, sinful, disobedient child of his, whose righteousness is nothing more than a filthy, dirty, rag with a pungent odour.I’d forever lavish my praise on him and let his good deeds be forever on my lips. For those who have lost someone very dear to them, it is my prayer that God will send a comforter in human, angelic and spiritual form to be with you.

Be Encouraged

For sisters out there who are of marriageable age and yet to be in a ‘committed and serious relationship, it is my wish that God will direct the right man to search for you. But be ready to redeem your time when the opportunity comes.

For sisters who are hopefully single and above thirty, I salute your feminine sagacity and courage, I respect your wishes of keeping on and forging ahead even when friends and families taunt you with the much dreaded question” when are you getting married’ The events happening around us calls for utmost vigilance on our part in all that we do, hear or say.

For those who wish to go into private entrepreneurial ventures, grace, strength and the wisdom of God’s way of doing business is your portion. You’ll soar higher than the limitations of your enemies. Say amen????? AMEN. Please do enough feasibility studies and research properly before taking a leap into that business. Remember Na Naija we dey o! Don’t let our business initiative be like someone sky diving without a parachute

If you are the one searching for a university admission. Biko Jisike ooo!!! (hold on well). It’s gonna be alright ***Singing The Bishop Noel Jones Song****


                                                 Every Dream Is Achievable

For brothers on the streets out there doing their hustle with complicated complimentary (business) cards, bro it’s time to take a pause, take in some breath and ask yourself what aspect of that business on your complimentary card to would like to focus on. Little wonder, your card alone, rather than get you referrals, has ended up in creating a force of repulsion around you. Things cannot hold when you alone are a contractor, gravel supplier, motor spare parts dealer, a money lender, song writer, a blogger, a script writer, a graphics designer, a modelling agent and an IT support personnel. No way! Nature never lends her credits to the mistuned and the distracted. Nna bros, biko, don’ Allah focus! Like we used to say in Port Harcourt slang. Abobi! Kamon Focus Dia! Focus! Aim the target (your interest), drag your bow (persevere, glean on, study, understudy, appraise, evaluate, imagine, recreate) and shoot (take the decision, synergise and launch out). Yeah that’s a word for us bro.

For the sisters.. Hmm it’s time you start dressing well o! Your age is gradually ticking towards 30 and you think you’re a kid? Hope you’re not learner oo?? Haba how can you be dressing like an 18 year old, you adorn your face with all manner of facial make up, you dress like a mannequin, expose the treasures meant for one eye and you think dudes would holla for a whisper? Hell No! (In Steve Harvey’s Voice). #Whatthahelliswrongwitchu??? Huh? You’ve graduated fine! Learn a skill that can foot your bills! Open your heart, mind, soul and body, love Jesus, speak to him, let go of the past. Yeah your ex bobo left you , yes we know, he cheated on you, yess???, He used your hard earned money to propose to another girl and he’s now married. That’s a story line for him. Crying over him won’t solve any problem o! (Gesticulating in Nkem Owoh’s way). Rather na you go wound. Thought I heard someone shout Efrebor! The guy has left you, okay, his life has moved on like a car that has accelerated into a new gear. Would you rather become motionless and let your whole mind and soul plus your fine body to obey the laws of inertia? What has happened to your passions? Ignite them!!, forgive him and then another fine rich tall brother will come ya way. Remember forgiveness heals our broken hearts. So the earlier you forgive the better chances you have of overcoming the pains of the past.

Enough of the counsel. For sisters who ain’t sure of whom to date.. Tis’ time to get into prayer and COMMUNE with JESUS! For he alone knows what’s best for you. Better a failed engagement than a broken marriage.

For the new graduate, the guys. Please, we know that mom and dad now owes you excuses for monthly stipends, please use it well. There are a lot of skills to be learnt.If you read any of the Engineering majors find a way to practicalise it. No reason whatsoever will be your excuse if you read marine engineering and you cannot couple a set of a 45 Horsepower engine. What of the mechanical engineer? You can’t even identify a crankshaft! That’s bad. Please ignore the sexy chicks on your street and see the big picture ahead o! Don’t be lured into ungodly acts. God is watching you on a wide 788 HD Screen, Be warned.

And for the newly graduated sisters, this time is not for gossips and roaming around all eateries and wedding events with the Funke’s, Emem’s, Imaobong’s, Ronke’s, Bunmi’s, Aisha’s, Emilia’s, Nnenna’s Nimi and Blessings of this world..Roger that?? This is the time to sit down and address yourself the way you want to be treated in life. Respect your body, your parents and engage in vocational skills and life development opportunities. I know big brother is your next door neighbour. Avoid it if you can and tune into another channel that offers a better life changing package. No time to sit and watch soft porn.

For the Job seeker. I pray you get a better place to acquire transferable skills for what you’ve learnt in school but first you must know your calling. This is the real world, the word of sharks and whales contending with the universal forces of demand and supply. I’m sure you’ve known that there is a wide lap between life in the gown and what’s happening here in town. What is a calling in life? It is simply the duty God has assigned you to do with your talents. If you read pharmacy and your passion is in acting. Sister, follow your heart. Remember, that the Bible says that a man who uses his talents well, polished and nurtures it, will stand before kings and not mean men. Fixed income will fix your life monthly but your talents will announce you. Make your choice. Paradventure you read animal science but your interest is in mechanical designs, find a place to learn it! The future ahead is a Skills future not a paper degree future. It’s all about what can you do??? With ya head, eyes, mind and hands!

For folks truly searching out a paid hustle, please review your resume; know the difference between resume and curriculum vitae. As simple as they are, please observe their differences. Never I repeat Never wear a real sharp cologne to an interview. You might spark feelings of instant rebuttal most especially if the person interviewing you is a Lady. Dress to look like they are looking for, don’t over act, remain calm and look the interview in the eyes with utmost confidence. Tailor your resume. Don’t use a-one-size-fits-all approach. I no  say make u go dey roll eye for person wey dey interview u oh! Na only Akpos fit do that one and e go escape.

Visit the newspaper stands and know the value of information that will help shift the gears of your life onto the next level. Spend time and money accessing relevant information. Don’t be an official mobile phone social network addict, get acquainted with apps on your phone, search for real good information. Be wise in your decisions.


We bless Gods for our country Nigeria. Currently we are battling with child marriage but let’s be of good cheer, we will sail through and cross to the brighter side. The other issues we are still battling with amongst many are PHCN, Lastma, Tanker drivers, Ritual Killers, Bad roads, and bad schools, bad mobile telecommunication network…Ehen then ASUU strike.

God be praised for this new month, he has been my help in the ages past and he will continually be my help in the years to come. In August, Let’s just take out every second to whisper sweet words of smelling savor to God, worship him ferociously, yes we desperately need him, cry out, lift up your head o ye gates, ye everlasting doors and let the kind of glory come in. He is the lord mighty in battle. Appreciate God, he has done enough! Keep your demands away, for the Holy Spirit keeps interceding for us in ways we can never see but yet we feel it.

As we driven into August would I be asking for too much if I suggest that our task  for the next 30 days be; Worship, Adoration, Offering, Thanks and praise.Make someone happy, give away your old clothes, shoes, bags, and domestic items you feel you no longer need

Here is August, enjoy it with all pleasure. Cheers