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             A line from Bebe Winans award winning song Stand’ says, “After you’ve done all you can, you just STAND! Bebe Winans, brother to one of America’s greatest gospel singer Cece Winans, had just come out of a life threatening situation when he was inspired to write that song.

Glean On

Glean On

What do you do when faced with a difficult situation? , do you throw in the towel? Are your decisions thereafter based on the premises of faith or fear?  Do you wail and whine around like a child? Not minding the circumstance that seems to come your way, how do you manage the little resources that you have? Do you keep complaining?

 Ever wonder why the most precious things in life aren’t found on the surface? Oil? Gold? Silver? Food? Tin? Columbite? They are mined! Have you mined the best options from your difficulty?

Pastors and motivational speakers talk about the need to raise our shoulders high above the murky waters of our lives and see the bright side with a different perception, yet only few people really get this lesson sorted out in practical terms. Sometimes, all you need to be inspired lies in your present moment – the fact that you’re still breathing! Visit the morgue and you’ get a clear picture of what I’m saying. Lifeless bodies on the ground waiting for the day they’d be laid six feet beneath the surface of mother earth. Does that mean anything to you?

As far as you’re living, relish the moment, take a walk, speak to someone, take stock, know what you lost, forge ahead, overlook the past, know what you have, know what caused your pains, admit your weaknesses , appreciate your strengths, cry if you can, it’s only normal and natural, remember, Jesus wept. So let it all out and when it’s all over lay it all to God in prayer. Prayer, changes things!


Here’s a story

Sometime a go the minting company of England manufactured a coin without dates written on it. Prior to this, other coins manufactured had dates on them. Next day, after the coin has been released, the minting company went into the media and made an announcement that anyone who returns a coin that has no date written on it would be rewarded with £50. Unfortunately, a smarter man took the idea of returning the coin to another dimension. Broke as He was, the fellow went to E-Bay auctioned the coin he had in his possession, and sold it for £19,000!


You can make a fortune from bad situations, although not taking undue advantage of people, place ad time. There’s always a lesson to learn from every situation no matter how bad it may be. Sometimes, failing is far more honourable than not trying at all. How do you make the most of a trying situation? Here are some tips.

  1. Have the patience to learn a lesson from what you seem to be going through.
  2. Learn to speak to someone who knows right or have an idea about what troubles you.
  3. Have the ability to remain faithful and maximise what you have, be it time, money or network of friends and family.
  4. Develop the mindset of the cow that was dumped in a pit to be buried alive-as wet earth was being poured on her body, she would shake it off and stepped on the sand till it served as a staircase for it to jump off!. Don’t  be weary; don’t get tired,
  5. C’mon GLEAN ON!

Do have a great weekend!