Call for submissions: Kola Magazine

The African Street Writer

As part of our strategy to effectively promote African literature and arts, we are working to build a good fan base which will read and respond to what we are promoting. We are thus creating ways to introduce the children and youths to African literature. KOLA Awards is an idea to bring children to the table. As much as we want to entertain, inspire and encourage them with Awards, we also want them to follow the trends of African literature and arts. Details of the Award can be found here.

Following the awards would be the launching of The Kola Magazine, a magazine which promises to be educative, entertaining, inspiring and above all, targeted at pupils and students. We’ll entertain children with the magazine, as well as promote trends and collaborative findings on African literature.

Submissions for fiction and poetry are welcomed for ‘KOLA Magazine’ under the theme ‘The…

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