Voice 1: Are you serious?? its Monday again!! oh my gosh! I don’t wanna go anywhere hun’.. please allow me to sleep a little longer.’

Voice 2: But babe its already 5.30am and U’ve gotta be up else you’d be stuck in traffic hold up and then you might be arriving late at work.

Voice 1: I hate Mondays!

Voice2: So do I also but erhmmm. sweerrie”’ we gats to hustle o! that reminds me.. I’m sure you made mention of  appraisals??

Voice 1: Yes?? what about it?

Voice 2: Thought you made mention of it on Monday ….

Voice 1: Yeeeepa! Jesu! yes! yess!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve got to submit my reports before 10am! Where is my toothbrushhhhh!!!!!!!

The above scene plays out constantly in homes , and in the lives of folks all over the globe. Nobody likes Mondays why? but we all wish to be paid by the 28th of every month.. Hahahahah Naija una no go use laff kill person.I’ve never seen a BB Dp saying thank God it’s Monday.. Whossai!

Today is monday and lets’s remember to keep Nigeria clean. Yes!  no be bad thing abi?  ehen this reminds me jare.. lemme share this

I boarded a vehicle , on my way to Zaria last week with a lady who later  introduced herself as a doctor. At  a stop over. I was full of admiration and respect for her and was even going to ask for her number until I observed a very dirty habit from her. I noticed that  for everything she had bought, after consumption,she threw the paper off the window ,,including a la casera bottle and sausage(gala) paper. I couldn’t put up with this attitude any longer so I had to intercept her impulsively as she was about to drop the paper of the akara balls that she just finished eating off the window again!. I saw a look of surprise in her eyes as I held her hand and asked her to drop the paper on the floor of the bus instead of throwing it on the high way. I’m sure 90% of people reading this are as guilty or probably don’t see any wrong doing in this. But I believe that our sense of decency is one of the factors that distinguishes us from other animals. We might not have good roads,steady power supply,standard health facilities because our govt won’t give us those but we can definitely afford clean environment because we don’t depend on the govt for that, it starts with me and you. Be the change you wish to see. Take the first step by passing this around. Stop other people from littering our streets and roads, say no to every feral instincts. God bless Nigeria

Let’s keep Nigeria clean, let’s be good ambassadors of our environment You will be making a bad leadership example if you are seen by little school children as you  throw  things off your car window.