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“Shall we then continue in sin that GRACE may abound”? –The Holy Bible

Disclaimer: This piece is aimed at creating a balance between the silence of Biodun Fatoyinbo and the allegations put on him by Ese Walter. Hence I’d try as much, to strike a balance between meaningful cross examination of facts and ideas and remain on the borders of anonymity while according both readers & both parties involved their space of respect, dignity, error of/in judgment and finally, I implore readers to shun sentimentalism and see this issue from both sides.

For now, as it is assumed, nothing has been heard from Biodun Fatoyinbo. A search into his current tweets shows that the gentleman looks or rather seems less bothered over the issue that has hit the airwaves, he is still tweeting his ‘pastoral’ tweets.

It seems grace has become the currency with which people purchase sin at the expense of God’s leniency. I say this because while we were yet sinners, Christ came into the world to die for our sins, he was crucified, died, was buried, rose on the third day and ascended into heaven. He came to purify us and purge us from our mortal sins in that way, we would not be repeatedly going back to our old ways. GRACE is, for the fallen and not for people who openly see temptation and embrace it with all eyes open. That is when we say that you are putting God to a test! Even when you plead and ask for forgiveness, you will definitely bear the consequences of such actions because God saw it clearly that you consciously did what you did. That is why he said FLEE from adultery and fornication. Notice that he didn’t say stroll, walk, run, but emphasis was laid on his point when he said FLEE. Another expression for the words FLEE is “TAKE FLIGHT”. That is, never you try the act of being strong when it comes to matters of sexual temptation, in no time you will definitely fall.

The cosmic potential of the believers mindset introduces a great scandal on todays church, Christians without Christian minds, Christians who do not think like Christians. A tragic fact that is most common in professing Christians of today. Especially in Nigeria, Christians have succumbed to the secular drift with a degree of weakness and nervelessness never heard of in Christian history. In my own words, I would say that we as Christians are suffering from ‘anorexia religiosa’ a loss of appetite for growth in Christ. The bottom line is this

This grievous scandal comes from a declining willingness to properly harness the greatest gift God has given unto us-thinking! We leave our 12billion mental cells unguarded and spiritually unstimulated through careful study of Gods’ word.

Being here, I must state the obvious fact that a Christian mind demands conscious negation, a Christian mind is difficult without the discipline of refusal. What do you think would have happened to us if God chooses to answer all our prayers? Don’t you thing we would run into confusing owing from wrong choices we’ve made? Ese’s refusal to shun the advances of Biodun landed her in trouble. Biodun’s addiction to pornography couldn’t hide because every addiction is fueled by a mental picture. Biodun forgot to call it quits in his affairs with women, he refused to put a hedge and spiritual bridle around his life!. He even abused the institution of marriage. But after all he is a man and a fall is needed to help him get to know God more-May God forgive you. Biodun, I am waiting to hear from you so please permit me to judge for now, from Ese’s story. On the other hand, Ese’s story ticks no option for me rather than to say that maybe she had asked for a ransom from the randy Biodun and threatened to go to the media should in case Biodun never met the terms of her demand. Biodun’s stubbornness and tempering with the patience of an angry, humiliated woman landed him in hot soup. As it is in Nigeria, people like Ese never get to speak up for fear of stigmatization, for fear of scarcity of suitors in future and this is eating up a lot of young ladies. Elsewhere, away from the church, our universities come second,, then secondary schools especially boarding schools. Question is, who can people in Ese’s shoes confide in?

That’s where my concern is!

R-L Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo & Ese Walter

 In the case of the rising scandal between Ese Walter and Biodun Fatoyinbo, I am aware haven read her write up’s that She (Ese)

1.  Was called upstairs from the reception by Biodun , thereafter they had a brief conversation where her mind was already telling her the obvious truth, she allowed unguarded emotions to take a better toll on her by putting herself to a test by self denial. Not wanting to believe that her man of God was about to do the least she had imagined. In this case, let me say that Ese went up because she had TRUST & RESPECT for the man of God.

Question Here: Ese did you pray before going out to meet Biodun? Yes or No. If you were really doubtful, like I know you were, you should have first committed your going out to the lord.

2.  He asked you to order for a drink, what order did you place? Hennessey and Coke. A smarter girl would know even from undergraduate experience that when a guy starts asking you to feel free with alcohol, what informs your next decision is that you humbly reject and take a wiser option. You obviously keyed in to his games by trying him out again on the grounds of TRUST. Isn’t it open that a man of God alone asking you to be free with alcohol is desperately in need of some sexual healing? King Lemuel’s mother in the bible admonished him when she said Oh Lemuel, it’s not for kings to drink alcohol, else they pervert the true cause of Justice!

Question Here: You should have tried rejecting. A simple no would have done justice to the offer.

3.  Biodun asked you to “Sit on his laps”. And you agreed? Even asking my own immediate younger sister to do so would spark off feelings of uneasiness and questioning. You should have tried objecting and in that case since his acts were ungodly and not in adherence with the strong moral principles you’ve been taught from your godly home(like you claimed),you smartly could have taken a walk and gone home. Same with what the anonymous lady did to the randy Biodun at the Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi!

Question Here: Did you resist sitting on his laps?

4.  He asked you to kiss him: At that point a few shots of Hennessey would have gotten you tipsy and gotten you wet and ready for the adventure. You kissed him and in no second, Biodun tore you apart and ravaged you! He sped so fast that you were agog with wild feelings of ecstasy! A woman never returns to a previous sexual encounter if she never enjoyed it! She thinks of it, fantasizes more and then the thought lures her back.

5.  After it happened on the first day. Did you cry out to God for forgiveness? Were you hypnotized or under a spell? Tell me. You never said if he was calling you for more of the experience but you said that you went back again and again that means you enjoyed the leg spreading, the cunninlingus and the fellatio was good!

6.  Okay I assume that you were under a conscience spell, I can say that you loved him, you liked his charm and swag’ he did it well that you wanted more, what confused you was that you were too scared to tell yourself the truth! What if he wasn’t a pastor/ what if he was a normal guy? Would all this be opened?

When you came back to Nigeria, you spoke to a pastor Flo and Modele-good! Since they never spoke well of facing the pastor one on one that means from psycho-analyses, Biodun has slept with them too (if Flo is a lady, and if he is a man, that means he too sleeps with other girls!).

Dear Ese, I love your courage but I must admit that he also played a fast one on you when he said that he knew or suspected that you were going to reveal all this in the media. What he meant was that he foresaw what was about to happen and tried using conscience appeal to make you feel guilty of his acts by blaming yourself and making yourself an object of pity and then  himself a hero thereby defending his actions as being able to deceive you. This vice exhibited here is same with that of the devil. The devil has no power but has strategies just like Biodun has just done.

Ese, I admire your tenacity and your strength to speak up. There’s this saying that Warri no dey carry last and you sure lived up to it. Though you’ve made some mistakes, you have redeemed your future female children from a big lie, hurt and harm. You have acted as a sacrifice for other offended and hurting ladies to come out and speak their minds. I Love you. It’s people like you who have undergone pains and healing process that real man look out to marry. We all make these mistakes.

For the guys who are blaming her, have you not made a girl commit an abortion before? Swear that you never had a hand in university confraternity matters, swear that you never slept with a guys fiancé’ wife and girl friend.

In my undergraduate days, what I hear these days were regular occurrences. These tongue rolling sons of eve’s dress smart, come to the pulpit and act up. They quote scriptures with unbelievable accent and deliver their performances with oratorical perfection. They coin all sorts of acronyms to rhyme in line with syllables and get the congregation hyped all in frenzy. They never preach repentance but mostly dwell on the Six things, 8 keys, three things, 4 ways , 22 wisdom keys,; like really? Are you the one who wrote the bible? Has the bible become a constitution? I’m scared of a situation where men who called themselves to the pulpit for material gains ascribe divine accolades to themselves! Are these men called of God or by the people? Do people qualify to work in church by mere showing up on Sundays and not going through foundational doctrines of the ministry? Is it a ministerial appointment? Man looks at the outward but God looks opposite. For Ese to have been called in a congregation of say over 1200 people (assuming) means that the pastor has been doing this act repeatedly over time. That means he has been committing the lustful, ungodly act of FIXATION. Hence, I’m at liberty in this regard to assume that by these actions, that Biodun has cultivated this habit from his undergraduate years till this stage! That Biodun could have led a girl to have committed an abortion not once twice or even thrice! That Biodun could be a father to a child in that same church whereby the husband of the lady thinks he is the real father!. That Biodun has a list of of other pastors doing what he also is doing! That means that COZA is afraid to confront Biodun! That means a girl must have committed suicide because of Biodun. That means that a marriage has been wrecked because of a man’s philanderous nature! That means that from the choir to the PCU to the media team, usher, child care, car pack, evangelism, Biodun has slept with at least 5 girls! In each team.

In this regard that means Biodun has a secret wife and child elsewhere either abroad or in Nigeria. That means Biodun has also been stealing church funds to look tooshed’ and poshed, cleaned up and well polished.

I’m aware that such things have been happening in our modern day churches who preach success and prosperity at the expense of soul salvation. They apportion soul winning as a DEPARTMENT in church where then lies the validity of the GREAT COMISSION? How then do we begin to fight the battle against immorality, sexual sins and other vices rocking the sheep of Christ’s flock.

I’m always on the lookout for billboard tongue rolling pastors who coin meanings  from words like PRAYER, GREAT, GOD, PUSH, CHURCH, LOVE, LIFE, GRACE, they, like Biodun, cover their vice by quoting verses from  the scripture and using a phrase or incomplete sentence depending on the subject to twist the truth in their own favour!. Some say God means GRACE ON DELIVERY! How dare you ascribe a micro percentage of Gods ability to one thing Grace! How? So PUSH is now pray until something happens huh? LOVE is now Live above violence and envy? PRAYER is Personal rave and yearning in expectation to receive? Holy Is now Holding only the Lord in Your Youth? Ezioku meh?

During the 18th century, the churches served as agents of social reformation both in China, Africa, Mongolia, England and in Europe, they built schools for the poor, hospitals, clinics and even markets. They established vocational training centres and helped the poor. If not for the catholic and Baptist, Methodist church, Anglican and Catholic, our parents, most of them would have been stark illiterates till date. My late mother attended Igbanke grammar school Igbontor; My Dad attended St Charles College Abavo in. These were schools run by the missionaries and they had standards. My mum also attended St Joseph Primary School likewise my Dad who attended St James Anglican Primary School thereafter renamed Obaseki Memorial Primary School!.Churches these days run schools that even occupants of the lower rung of Nigeria’s social& economic strata cannot afford. What then are they preaching? Sowing seeds? When a man has not fed? Are you reducing God to a gambler? Isn’t tithing a law? why then make people to out give their capacity all in the name of faith. Bible admonishes us to have the spirit of discernment, and we seldom hold it dearly. Nigerians fear their pastors more than God sef!

Pastors use convoys, they have six PA’s you cannot see the pastor unless you are somebody! A jobseeker goes to church with a hungry looking face and the ushers relegate him to the uncleaned sit at the back. Yes? for those in the Workers’ Unit, dressing has now become a competition, clothes  are sold on credit at ready cuts after service, people owe debts in church-as against what Jesus said when he scattered the temple when it was use for commerce!

What do we have as of today? Churches running franchises! Billboards looking like models, all they do is organise business seminars that never translate into anything but mere use of bible to exploit ungodly business ideas at the expense of Gods own people. They organise music shows and even get secular artistes to the church! The altar!

Dressing is now an issue no longer spoken about; ladies wear half slits at ungodly angles! Bra straps now lay like cellotapes! Ankara that was supposed to be fashionable apparel for the African woman is now a strange skin item. Cleavages have become a new asset to be hawked; Bra’s now help accentuate the upper region of the breast line by giving fitting to either a weak or strong mammary gland, High heeled shoes with stilettos has officially become the bespoke shoe for altar workers, they wear these pants revealing their undergarment lines to a fault and walk with suave carriage to accentuate the harmonic movement of the hips! Ewoooo! Waist lines have been reduced, backs have been laid bare, skirts have assumed a different dimension like an architect trying to compete in design with another. They buy three yards and cut off 2 yards in the name of style. Do these churches rebuke these things? The church is a spiritual hospital, don’t expect normal people but at the same time lay down the rules and on final note


The first step to wealth is godliness, see ye first the kingdom of God and EVERYTHING else would be added unto you. Nigerians be wise.

So Ese,

If it is true

That the world talks too much

Then let all keep quiet

And hear the eloquence

Of silence

———-Richard Ntiru