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Hi Folks,

Happy New Month to you or rather to us all. August has been a very fruitful and eventful month I must say. Despite the odds we face daily, both individually and as corporate citizens of this great country, there are yet, enough reasons why we should still lift up holy hands with a loud voice and a cheerful heart, shout out to God, all the praises due to him. Pardon me if I may sound puritanical but I’m sure that all of us witnessing the various time frames of this moment are not alive by our good works neither are we protected by the ungodly arrows  and  evil plots that fly by noon day by our own good works. We all are being protected by God’s grace.

September 2013

So I say a very big congratulations to us all that made it till this very month, some friends have fallen by the way side to the cold arms of death, others travelled out of the country, others got married and relocated while some changed jobs. Yeah! Life will always be dynamic but sometimes I wonder why some people will choose to be static in their ideas and in their perception about things that directly matters to them!

As we journey into the sweet month of September, may I remind us to keep God ahead in all that we do, for He (God) is;

A Healer, He is Unchangeable, He is Unshakable, He has the whole world in his hands, heaven and earth speak of his glorious deeds, His Faithfulness extends over the corners of the earth! So here let’s make these biblical verses our themes for the weeks of this month.

Lord we ask for your strength, we will wait for you to rescue us, for you O! Lord, is our fortress.  Psalm 59/9)

As the year enters the third half, there will be increased pressure amongst families to pursue targets and commitments. Family is the simplest unit of the society which is a basic idea but the issue of couples fighting and bickering is one thing we should rise up and speak up against most especially, battering! Of wives! But let’s remember that “ A woman reflects a man’s glory. For the first man didn’t come from woman, but the first woman came from man. And man was not made for woman, but the woman was made for the man. I Corinthians 11: 9.

Here, Lets ask for God to tie families in Nigeria together with LOVE that cannot be broken.

This is for my hustlers out there. Bible says “Those who love pleasure will become poor .Those who love wine and luxury will never be rich (Proverbs 21/17)

From these verses it is enough to say that we should take our time to prioritize and strive to achieve our goals and targets, avoid unnecessary inclinations to material wealth, invest in  things that will outlive us, and pray  persistently, to God in prayer and  he will hear us.

Prayer moves the hands that move the world. God is not rigid, he is also flexible. That explains why he answered Hezekiah’s prayer when he had spoken that Hezekiah would die, that was why he forgave Israel their sins and took them back. No matter when we experience as a country. God is still available and ready to hear us, and give us the godly consent to go about our businesses. God can and will still change his mind towards you despite your shortcomings. So for September, here’s what we should do more as a good citizen.

Try to be accountable to ourselves, friends, family and those around us.

Dare take risks and maximize rewards.

Manage our time properly.

Work out broken relationships.

Once more congratulations! on making it into the month of September.

Happy New Month.