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Managed Expectations

Too often we expect the people in our lives to always be caring, loving, understanding and perfect- free from mistakes and errors but really those are unrealistic expectations. There are no such things like perfect friends, perfect spouse, perfect roommates, perfect siblings and a perfect life!  People will always disappoint us, no matter how much they love us or how much of a good person we are, at some point there will always be a strain on the relationship, there will be disappointments and ill feelings, but this doesn’t mean they are bad, it simply confirms that we are just humans. Many times when these things happen rather than letting it go, we get resentful towards that person and these little things like seeds, grow and begin to destroy our relationship we’ve nursed and cultivated in the past.  But the hard truth is this: we expect too much from people and forget that they too like us, have flaws, we get so deep into the dark waters of unrealistic expectations.

To avoid getting hurt and disappointed at the slightest provocation, we need to make room for people’s flaws and shortcomings, we must have the right expectations and accept the fact that nobody is perfect because everybody has some personality traits that can get on our nerves. You & I have to train ourselves to focus more on the things we like about the people we love and not the things we don’t like.

We have to ask ourselves “do the benefits of being in a relationship or friendship with this person outweigh their flaws and irritation their presence might sometimes cause?” if yes, then there is a serious need for you to make some necessary changes.

Such adjustment and changes could be in the form of forgiveness, speaking up to the person-one-on –one, having time to know the character trait of people you deal with, their likes and dislikes, and even what makes them giggle. That way, you’ll not only be saving your relationship, you’d be creating a more balanced environment for you and your loved ones. Remember, life is too precious to nurse grievances, make yours count, make yours eventful

Have a nice day ahead,