The first thing a Nigerian does immediately he/she leaves the shores of this country is to look for a fine /exquisite location and take a pix. To remind those at home that he has moved out of the dungeon/ Country/ Abode/ Prison / called Nigeria.

Omo Naija

Question: If the citizens & government of that country didn’t fix their land. Would you be taking pics?

Question: Ask yourself how many immigrants come to Nigeria and go to Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos or Airforce base in Abuja, Gobarau Minaret in Katsina, Henshaw Town in Calabar, or Araya near Warri to snap pics and send to their loved ones through social media.These visitors, never get to see the fine side of our culture, the beautiful and lush scenery of our natural grasslands what do they see? they see us through the funny and negative pictures we post online. A journalist living abroad doing a feature report about something happening in Nigeria will NEVER use a fine image to stand as a cover pix, instead, they will choose to use a picture that portrays pity and poverty! so as to see their story! .

This in my opinion is very wrong. When are we going to start showing the world, the beautiful aspects of our lives, the fine side there is to us. When? Whilst we take pics of fine places over there they take pics of your dirtiest areas in Nigeria and sell to the world, thus killing our National brand.

From my experience in Ljubljana & few other places I’ve been opportuned to visit, Nigerians need to wash away that mentality of ‘inferiority’ from their attitude. They act and speak with unbelievable loudness! Be it in the bus, park or even along the streets. Na wa o!

Calabar, Nigeria

 It’s left for you to also hint us at home about dangerous places in the country where you are so that our friends visiting will be fully aware of the areas they are entering. Bad news, bad people, armed robbery, rape, environmental disaster, financial scam, is not ONLY exclusive and SYNONYMOUS with that country called NIGERIA. Abi scam na Igbo / Yoruba/Idoma/Ika/Ndokwa/Izon/Kanuri language?

Wherever you as as a Nigeria, I call upon you to please;

Be a good citizen

Don’t do drugs

Do a legitimate business

Strive to achieve your dreams and goals the right way

Be Godly in all that you do and in so doing, we will build a new image for Nigeria