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Hi, My Naija People.

Welcome back from the weekend. I do hope it was quite splendid and exciting. As you read this, try and get into the write up like an already made script. In the face of endless odds and mountain-like challenges before us as a nation, I do believe that this is the right time to march on and advance the cause of nation building.

Recall that one time in America, there was a martin Luther King who made a declaration of hope against  despondence, there was also a Rosa parks, in India there was a Mahatma Ghandhi, In South Africa, there was a Nelson Mandela, In Nigeria, there was a Shehu Shagari, there was an Nnamdi Azikiwe, there was also a Jasper Adaka Boro. These were generations past who already made credible investments into what has turned out to be the present day Nigeria.

Proudly Nigerian

For every generation, there is, and there are born for that generation, change makers, dust raisers, feather ruffles, barrier breakers, norm shifters and paradigm initiators, you’d have to find out where you belong and speak out! Yes!  S P E A K! Martin Luther king is best remembered for his eloquent and soul touching speech-I have a dream. Taking a cue from Martin Luther King Jr, I want my life to count which is already counting; I want to speak faith and progress into the life of my nation.

Souls have been lost, properties wasted, death harps at every corner of our cities, the foundations of our common interest as a nation is gradually eroding, her pillars have been broken but the onus rests on us, the that this house called Nigeria should not fall. Right before us, the negative statistics are staring us in the face, we have become a direction to be pointed at when the need arises for bad examples to be shown.-Wahala no dey,

I long to see a Nigeria where our National flag and anthem would mean something to the common man in Nigeria and if outside this country, command some respect

I long to see a Nigeria where there will be true love, respect t and common understanding of all ethnic groups. I long to see a Nigeria where Ehidiamen from Benin would get married to Asmau from Yobe state, I long to see a Nigeria where her citizenry would live above $1000 a day. I long to see a Nigeria where all states would have functional airports and local airports as well.


I long to see a Nigeria where agriculture would produce our main export commodity, I long to see a Nigeria where the Imam and the pastor would sit together and embrace each other in love and oneness, A Nation where there will be truth and harmony.

I long to see a Nigeria where there will be an underground railway station  from Kano to Ibadan, I long to see a Nigeria where all our senators be on the same salary scale with medical doctors! That way credibility and grass root development would become the true indices for measuring marks as true statesman.


I long to see a Nigeria where her citizens would return from other lands to live happily in their home land, where the quality of her education would be commensurate with the skills and certificates acquired from schools.

I long to see a Nigeria where Nigerians would be happy and proud to showcase their international passports at international airports with inhuman treatments.

I long to see a country where there will be a social security infrastructure for the old and elderly

I long to see a Nigeria where there will be zero unemployment, where our academic syllabus would produce graduates with practicable skills.

These and many more are some of the changes I want to see in Nigeria. Yes I agree everyone could point fingers , while those in the diaspora would state reasons  why they could never come back to Nigeria but before I leave, may I remind you that the problems that exist within us as a Nation today were not caused by this present generation, hence we have to act and think  differently if we are to solve our Nations many woes.

Happy Monday & have a fruitful week and blessed week ahead.