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Stella Oduah

Ever head of a country called, Singapore?  Do you know how the country was built by Lee Kuan Yew? The whole world is replete with the magical success story of how Lee Kuan Yew, transformed the collective destiny, social inheritance, public infrastructure, and economic indices of Singapore to the level where it is. Although Singapore is a very small country compared to Nigeria, landmass wise, Nigeria is less developed when compared to Singapore in relative terms of economic healthiness and structural reforms.

Lee Kuan Yew

At a point, whenever Ministers in Singapore wanted to take a public position, they would wear a spotless white shirt and appear in public with it before they took an oath. That way, they assured the citizenry that they would be spotless and blameless in their actions; this instilled a high level of moral belief and discipline in the lives of Singaporeans. It is on record that Singapore remains one of the countries in the world where throwing refuse around, even a piece of paper could cost the offender as much as $1000!

Singapore was built on ‘DISCIPLINE’, TRUST, & ZERO TOLERANCE TO CORRUPTION. Need I remind President Jonathan that 48 NYSC Corp members lost their lives in a bid to enthrone the democratic seat He is occupying. I was at that time serving in Mashi, near Daura in Katsina State. Some of our Corp members close to General Buhari’s house, after our return from Mai-Adua Local Government Area; we discovered that the Corpers lodge in Daura had been burnt! We too, lost our belongings. Need I not also hesitate to remind President Jonathan that the blood of innocent Nigerians who died in the North owing to the provocative text messages locals received on their mobiles phones via Hausa language, which provoked some of the indigenes to attack non Christians and southerners is still crying for justice.

It is with this reminder that I call on President Jonathan that at this critical period when the whole world has become spectators in the scheme of events relating to Nigeria, we as citizens of this country demand that power belongs to us and not the Ministers who constantly remind us that we truly deserve the names citizens of other countries keep calling us. Hear them; Nigeria is a third world, poor, morally bankrupt country. Words in the dictionary used to describe the worst of all economic and human situations have been duly and unreasonably used and heaped on us. Why? Because in the quest for corruption, a President is not doing what he is meant to do. He keeps fiddling with ideas, nursing ambitions and never taking concrete steps.

 Last week, a journalist by name Jeremy Weate, sent it a tweet from a Nigerian living in diaspora who he claimed, told him that Nigerians were born corrupt even from the milk in their mothers breast! What an insult. We deserve even more from people like this who continue to make mockery of our collective name as a country and on our collective psyche as Nigerians.

If I may ask, does the brand-Nigeria mean anything to Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi? How come she bought those BMW cars from Cosharis Motors without due consultation and approval from relevant authorities! Cosharis Motors also is to be apprehended by the law enforcement agencies, because this could be a pointer  that there must have been some sort of shady business going on between various Ministries, Ministers  and public office holders too! Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the man who eventually uncovered the huge deal is on the run. Reason? Being that   he is scared that the Minister-Stella Oduah might have asked some not-so-kind folks to track him down and even kill him. Stella should be reminded that the seat she occupies is a very conspicuous position. A Minister, under whose tenure, 3 air crashes has occurred is nothing worth keeping, it doesn’t speak well on her professional resume as someone capable for the job. For the records, she was placed there to oversee’’, inspect, perform, initiate, drive business, organise and not give excuses! . In the international community, such acts buttressed with the mentally lazy attitude of “acts of God” will not be taken in as a matured and proven scientific excuse. If she were to be smart and creative, scientific simulations would have been going on to ascertain the real cause of the plane crash and not mere speculations! However, it is also sad to know that the same lady who has vested interests in Zahkem International, Sea Petroleum and Gas cannot possibly handle the job roles required of a Minister in the aviation sector. One could be tempted to think that Stella uses part of the monies (in billions) allocated to the ministry of aviation to fund her oil and gas business.

At this juncture, I want us to be very observant about some things here- with Bachelors and Masters Degree in Accounting and Business Administration respectively in the United States. She is a reminder to the Nigerian students at home on ASUU strike that their future is forever in the dark, when people like Stella who obviously schooled in the US, who never had a firsthand experience of the pains Nigerians around the country and all over world go through , the many Stellas out there schooling in the diaspora who are also offspring’s of the corrupt lawmakers and ministers keep crying foul and on heir return, they are handed lucrative appointments which see them becoming  instant billionnnaires. They would steal rather than perform. The Nigerian graduate would never have these opportunities to measure up because, the system is not fair! Stella truly needs to go, this vicious cycle of recycling same cartels, cabals and cohorts needs to end, Nigerians should wake up and cry out for their rights-Enough of this braggadocio!

Stella majored in Business administration and has experiences working as a retail marketing lead with her company Sea Petroleum & Gas. What then qualified her for a Ministerial position in the aviation sector? In Nigeria, sensitive roles are given out not on meritocratic grounds but on ethnicity, religiousity, oligarchy, aristocracy and man-know-man. During the reign of her predecessor, Mrs. Fidelia Akuabata Njeze. The aviation sector in Nigeria grew, so it was with airport passenger complaints with Nigerian airports noticeably more chaotic and poorly managed.  Interestingly, both Ministers are from Anambra state. Apportioning a ministry on the grounds of state and tribe is senseless and encourages looting where the occupants of the seat see it as an opportunity to steal rather than to serve, that means by the time an Idoma, Izon, Ika, Kanuri, Annang man/woman gets there, their default mindset would be to steal! This is bad! Real bad.

A minster whose penchant for  make-ups  at the wrong hours even in the hot  sun need to be reminded that her days of youthful exuberance are over , tis time to put thy hands on the plough and keep working Madam Minister!

In contrast, People like Oby Ezekwesili, Professor Ruqayyatu Rufai who has had brief working experiences in the education ministries have left with something to show for it so say the least. In the Agricultural sector, the minister there also is doing fine, while Okonjo–Iweala’s position continues to be ever debatable and chaotic, we also know that she is doing fine.

Ministers whose sons and daughters keep hosting rap acts like Neyo, buying private jets in America while Nigerians in Makoko, Nigerians in Nembe, Nigerians residing in Ajegunle, Nigerians in Safana, Geregu, Soba, Funtua, Wukari, Opobo continue to suffer in perpetual penury will never escape the wrath of karma. Stella should be removed, probed and if found guilty sentenced to face her time to serve as deterrent to other ministers who would be found wanting on various accounts moral failure. N255 Million is too much to be wasted. There are schools to be built, Nigeria has the highest number of Out-Of-School-Children (OOSC) 10.59Million, and the highest rates of cervical cancer 96.4%.

If a minister could be so selfish to go and purchase cars worth millions because she wants to be security conscious, what then shall we say of the helpless Nigerians who lose their lives daily in Borno, Bauchi and Kaduna state to Islamic insurgents? What then can we say about the policemen who are killed daily in the line of duty, how do we secure our military personnel who risk their lives to go and ensure that peace is restored in poverty stricken, hunger filled, war zones of West Africa & Northern Nigeria. Federal Government says they don’t have enough cash to fund education but a Minister is frittering money that came from an area where the environment is not protected &respected! Have she Stella been to Ubomiri in the South East to see the peoples living conditions? This woman needs some counselling!

Singapore was built on zero tolerance to corruption, the world and Nigerians in diaspora are also waiting to see how President Jonathan stands on this. I feel deeply concerned because the blood of my fellow batch of corp members who conducted the election that saw President Jonathan take over the mantle of leadership is till crying out for justice, equity and transparency in our land,. Enough said, Stella Oduah needs to go and then a fresh interview conducted to get someone else on board, this time, a reasonable fellow with proven experience in the aviation sector. But a lesson here is this, Ministerial positions in Nigeria has to be advertised, let the best come on board, we need fresh injection of creativity, not lax attitudes, does she care if a child in the East has fed for a day? We need these posts to be advertised in newspapers and let millions apply! Yes that way, this chop-chop business will end!