Anslem At Home In Aluu, Choba, Rivers State. 2nd July 2006. During My 4th Yr

Hahahahahahah!!!!!! I’m  so so filled up with nostalgic feelings right now, that I don’t even know where to lay my fingers on to start counting God’s numerous blessings upon my life at the moment, where he brought me from and where he is taking me to. On the other side of me, just like the bible says that we should count it all joy when we go through diverse temptations and trials, I think the trials I’ve been through this year alone has helped in sharpening my views about life, the reason for my existence and what I ought not to be chasing at this phase of my life.

Anslem (Far Left), Igbi Franca, Jerry Dock,Pauline,Deola, & Ekpeme During My NYSC Days

Part of these pains remains the death of my mother, Mrs Veronica Obiazi-Ozor, Engineer Francis Emele Omumu, my friend Paul Udume’s mother, Mrs Udume. It hasn’t been easy but God has been my shelter in these cold times, he has been a support and my help in ages past and a sure help and father in years to come! What a promise.-I’m really holding on to that.

When I was much younger, my mom used to recount on my birthdays, how she carried me and had me, she would say, “I gave birth to you around 8am in the morning”. According to her, she had returned from General Hospital at Omolua in Igbanke the previous day. It was Dr Ogbulusi and Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa that usually came around for Gyn. cases, but on that day, they didn’t come so she returned to Agbor and voila! Came forth a baby boy. I can’t imagine how well I cried but it was a sign of  new beginnings.

Memory lane “Bundle Of Talents!, Esharefasa Ogaga, Petroleum Reservoir Engineer, Painter, Instrumentalist & Singer. During one of his painting sessions

Counting My Blessings

Some years back, I diverted funds meant for my school fees into personal business, though the business boomed and finally failed, I praised myself for attempting to succeed and not being scared about failing in whatever case or cause I believed in. For this reason, I skipped going for the NYSC three to four times or thereabout before finally taking another bold initiative to try my luck. During these periods, I could remember seeing myself lose weight rapidly. Nna mehn no be small o! I was always being posted to “wrong” states (my apologies here), Zamfara, Jigawa, Maiduguri, Bauchi until I agreed to go to Katsina. Over these periods also, I was doling out cash to someone who would help me get posted to Akwa-Ibom or Cross Rivers States but guess what? I spent N270, 000 trying to a make this work, but whossai! Nada Na North I still end up. I just want to thank God for seeing me through my mistakes.

@Slum2School Project’s #Photograph-A-Child With Sunensis, Ibaru, Kemi, Phee Chuck Bass, Inemo & Elohor

Another encounter was when I was being chased by armed youths in Daura Katsina State for rejecting their advances and offers to rig the 2011 Presidential elections. I had finished the counting and a political party, won in a particular ward. When the youths saw that their most sought after candidate did not win, their asked me to allow them thumb print again and I refused, they then tried persuading me but when I sensed tension in the mindset of these Fulani speaking folks, my polling assistants and I fled, on a horse, and they chased us down firing arrows on a camel. Get this straight, Camels, run 100 times faster than horses- Na God save me that day.

My Sibling, Wonderful People, From Left, Dr. Nneka, Stat. Jenni, Naval Engr. Immanuel

I’ve never had the cause to lack anything, I’ve learnt to give more to my world and ask for even more from myself too. I’ve asked myself to put selfishness away, to forgive more, to reject and abstain from secret sins. I’ve demanded of myself to get used to spiritual regimen, getting closer in my daily relationship with the Holy Spirit, that way I’d have to lead and live a victorious life!

Craezi Moments With Twinnie Chukwuka Anslem Ologbo, Henry Owerre, I and Irechukwu Azuonwu

I’ve learnt to be contented with what I have, to strive for more and use what I have at the moment to attract what I desire. In a nutshell, using the available to create the desirable. I’ve understood that God is a God of processes, he takes a man through various stages to bring him to a promised future and that’s why a great future is birthed in what a man does daily with great enthusiasm and passion. I’ve discovered that when God wants to use a man greatly, he crushes him greatly! I’ve been a volunteer, dedicating my time as a media advocate, facilitator, educational reformer and tutor. These have exposed me to what leadership entails. That as a leader one needs not dwell on self but has to live for others. Slum2School Africa, Promenade Youths Initiative and some other organizations have helped me improve my leadership and entrepreneurial skills. So next time Nigerians would want to appoint someone into a public office, kindly ask him, if he/she had or has been a volunteer at any point in time in their lives

Left–> Camara Mohammed, Akunna, Anslem , Evaise, Toyosi Banjo & A facilitator During The Young Reformers Development Seminar At Radisson Blu.

Preferred Birthday Gifts: Ok, my friend Anisha came around this morning; we got talking and then came the following questions

Anisha: Anslem what would you like for a birthday gift? Hmmmm

Answer: 4 things!

Anisha: Mention them

Anslem: You go buy’am for me? Aaabeegi!

Anisha: See? Nigerians doubt a lot, rather than spell it out; you’ve just been taken aback by lack of faith!

Anslem: Okay o! Here we go

I would like to have an all expense paid trip to the Mambilla Plateau in Taraba State. I would like to have an all expense trip to the Swiss Federal Technical Institute & School Of Transport & Logistics Zaria Kaduna State. I would appreciate if someone or an organization facilitates my research on Slum inhabitants in Northern Nigeria, and the prevalence of Cervical Cancer in selected states in Nigeria, another research based on Educational Reform in Nigerian Rural Primary Schools in the North and in riverine communities in the South East, South South, North West and the Western States respectively.

My Friends In Daura, Hafeez & Musbahu (Almajiris). Hafeez was driven out by his father, because his father felt he could sleep with his new wife! (in Blue)

E never finish o! I want a Rangie Sport, 25 Mac notebooks and 100 Blackberry Q10 mobile phones with Nigerian made applications for mobile money which I would use in sensitizing rural market women about online cash transfer. I want a yatch, and customized motor bike.

Anisha: Here, you go Anslem, close your eyes

Anslem: Ekpu’me gwom enyam

Anisha: What?? What’s that you just said?

Anslem: It’s in my dialect *** chuckling

Anisha: Oh! I get it? I’m I becoming an object of mockery?

Anslem: Nope! Not at all * It simply means –I’ve closed my eyes

Anisha: Eyes still closed?

Anslem: Very well!

Suddenly I felt someone give me a side kiss with footsteps tapping the ground. I opened my eyes and the pikin ran out of my premises laughing hard at me. It dawned on me that my birthday wishes had been carried away by Anisha and her three friends, sitting beside her car, laughing out loud

One more time, happy birthday to myself, a 4- portfolio Minister and Governor in the making. I wish that God bless me with fruitful friends, a Godly, humorous and art-loving Princess, and a make my country, Nigeria a better place for us and the generations coming behind us.

Happy Birthday Chuks and many happy returns.