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I am Lagos,I am history, Waves of migrations, My root runs deep,….

 That excitement that you feel, that’s me…I am Lagos

Some call me Eko; I am echo of a multi-national past and a vision of a universal future

Fear the name Lasgidi for I am strong and I will test you

Only the most worthy will partake in my treasure

I am living and I am more than a name

I am a movement, I am a way of life, I am a people,

I am an experience!.


I am Lagos

I am a mural that spans across 4 centuries

I am a collage of the nation

I change, but remain the same.


I am Lagos

I am history

Waves of migrations

My root runs deep,

I am a story, neatly woven into an intricate loom

Transcending time and sprawling across space like an infinite tapestry

I am inhaled like incense from arcane pots of Aworis, plots from Benin, springs from Sierra Leone,

I am the jinga spirit that sambas to beats from Brazil, patapata sounds resonate from my guitar…I am highlife

I am afrobeat…a collective consciousness of rhythm and soul.


I am Lagos

I am a new rhyme from, a poet, new hit from an artiste

I am the beautiful voice of an old writer

I am in perpetual motion

I roar in utmost confidence

I am Lagos

Africa’s future mega city


I am Lagos

The sum of my contradictions.

I am comedy I am sorrow

I am a city of never ending traffic jams

I am opportunities, I am possibilities

I am virtue and vice

I am a woman of restless temperament

I am a man of staggering ambition

I am the paradox of poverty and plenty,

I am chaos and solitude in the midst of noise

I am a concrete jungle; I am the lap of luxury with an expanding variety of misfits, adventurers, thinkers!


I am Lagos

I am the hub of inspiration

A kaleidoscope of visions and dreams

I am Utopia

A melting point of culture, art, music, fashion,

Eko the musical Ad - newa

I am Lagos

A flavor of the most exquisite taste

I am a rich aroma of occidental and oriental delicacy

I am that song you repeat over and over

I am Nollywood

I am afropolitan

I am fashion

I am Eko the Musical


https://twitter.com/Cre8iveNigeria with the hashtag #EkotheMusical . & http://www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-Nigeria-Project/191027341078759 

Eko The Musical is scheduled to hold on November 16th 2013 at the Oriental Hotel. Tickets are available at retail outlets. Call 08068057899, 07031540442 for more informations