Never have I been blessed like this” I’m really impressed by the level of cooperation and energy being put in by my fellow volunteers! Being part of the Slum2School Team has really opened my mind to a new world of possibilities. I wonder what our country would have looked like if people before us took volunteering work seriously. As you take time to go thru’ these pictures, always know that you don’t need to occupy a special position before you can contribute to the growth of this great nation called Nigeria.Being a Nigerian is one of God’s greatest blessings upon my life.


ChristmasInABOX was super memorable as anticipated. It wasn’t only the children who had a great experience but also our dynamic volunteers who were super inspired to do more.  As Usual our activities are always filled with great memories and we would like to share some pictures taken by our professional volunteer photographers. As we bring joy to the hearts of more children we believe that some day we will create a world where every child will have an equal opportunity and will be empowered through education to realize their full potential. We appreciate our Volunteers as usual and as always requested, Below are our TOP 100 Pictures from our 3Days tour to 5Communities with 225 Volunteers to Share over 1000 Lovely gift Boxes to children. We are always super inspired and we believe that together we can always achieve more.

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