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Hny 1

Oooooboi!  Hmmm! How do I begin? Ok! This post is all about gratitude to God for all that has transpired in 2013. Yes! 2013 has been one wonderful year of mixed blessings. In January I got hired at in a nice company and it was worth the experience. In February? I got my first move-a-round, travelling round Nigeria, Africa and even around the world. In March, I got nominated for Microsoft training, and when I returned to Nigeria also, I got the opportunity to attend trainings in Lagos also courtesy of LEAP AFRICA/ Microsoft Africa. In April, I got united with my ex-school mates, NYSC pals, we had a terrific time chatting and catching up together. We reminisced over what happened way back and finally we all left each other with parting gifts. I could remember, my friend Jerri, pulled off his much valued chains had had bought somewhere in Germany and gave it to Kalu, Mike in turn removed his sim card from his 3 brand new mobile phone (iphone o!) and gave it up to Nenye. I too! Followed suit when I gave my novel – “I Dare To Call Him Father” by Bilquis Sheikh out to Tunde, while Esse himself wrote me a cheque of N20, 000 to buy myself and Tunde, something good. It was a selfless moment, everyone at the restaurant were full of surprises for we had turned out gathering into a spectacle of admiration.

In May, I joined my twin siblings, Immanuel & Jennifer Ozor to celebrate their birthday which is the 5th of May. They did it in company of their friends, though I was absent, I was with them in spirit’’ as some old folks would say. I think it was in this month primary school classmate, Ifeoma Tibi got married to one cool handsome dude. Paul Pobosky’ Udume still got married this month abi? Someone correct me pls. Kester Nwabiani, got married this same month yeah? And I ran into the ageless beauty of our secondary school days MS Ufuoma Okonoko—hooray!nwandu’ahun amakazi ooo! Ihuan onwoki ahun… ohu acha poi poi lekeh uden ori”

Well in June, my much cherished bosom friend and colleague, Engineer Francis Emele Omumu, joined the league of saints in heaven. He won the battle against cancer and went ahead to meet with God. No sooner had I finished mourning Francis than my priceless, beloved, quiet and loving mother, Mrs Veronica Ozor-Obiazi joined the league of saints too! That was Saturday July 13th, and the whole world looked like it would come to an end that very day. Bless God, I have managed to survive till this very moment. Awesome isn’t it? Mom had also won the battle against fibroid, highblood pressure, stroke and internal bleeding. But I remember Ogaga Esharefasa & roomie Daniel Ota got married some months before or after June-Well goof for them. If there were folks I knew in school who never dated from Year one through finals, it was Ogaga, I and Daniel Ota. Book no let us rest.

Hny 1

In August, I relocated to a new apartment. In September, I ventured out into the unknown, with my bold and fierce approach to issues; I met with success at the hour unexpected. In that same month on the seventeenth day, I joined my immediate younger sister Chukwudumebi Nneka Ozor in celebrating her birthday! It was fantastic to see my younger sister turn up matured and looking elegant, splendid and radiant. Spotted some dude forming ‘chairman’ but I kept my cool and watched from afar shaa- “The way all these girls dey act now, person no fit cough once dem don fall in love. Well I wish Dumebi the best of luck in her quest for true love. Yet another big event, Obinna Edward Onugha, padi mi for life got married! Aha! It wasn’t a small event at all. The Class of  2009 Electrical Engineering  Department of Unique UNIPORT was there. Nna U need to see the way people do change finish o. Many people don go yankee go buy accent, na so me sef dey look. It was in August that I ran into old school pal, Owa Lugard. Hahahah! He looked trim and athletic! I was stunned sha!

In October, I was alive to witness the 53rd anniversary of this great country-Nigeria’s independence. I celebrated her birthday. And it was in this same month that my former roomie in school-Desmond Ndidi Agboifo got a new job in Abu Dhabi Oil Coporation.  ** Clicks glasses***



In November, especially the first day of that month, I celebrated my birthday! Hooray! Some’borri shout hallleluuuyah. It was a low keyed event shaa- folks called me up and gave me a surprise treat. Days after my birthday, Immanuell, my bro, graduated from the school of Marine Technology with upper credit! I knew he would make it but was skeptical about his shared attention for academics and leisure. In December, I met God o! no be small thing. I got a call to resume a job I never applied for. The pay was more that 3M per year. Na wetin person do ask of again?


In 2013, I got more committed in church needless to say that I only missed church once, I read my bible from cover to cover, my one day devotional bible given to me by Pastor Emmanuel Chizoba Okonkwo really has helped strengthen my faith in God. I’m so happy he gave me that bible. It wasn’t any easy task following that daily schedule at all.


All I ask for 2014 is that I need FRIENDSHIPS. YES! STRATEGIC FRIENDSHIPS & THAT GOD SHOULD ORDER MY STEPS IN HIS WORD, AND BLESS ME MATERIALLY. These are my only requests for 2014. What about you?


Special thanks to my friends, Ijeoma Kester Onyekpe, Ferdinand Adimefe, Funmi Oyatogun, Hez & Akin, Kelvin Ashuman, Lot Kerah Abamu, Freedom Okwudili, Mr Emmanuel Nwanze, George Obiazi-Ozor, Nkemchor Onyeibe,Pastor Emmanuel Chizoba Okonkwo Walter Carrington, former US Consul General, my siblings, Immanuel Ozor, Dumebi Ozor, Nwaka Ozor and all the facilitators at  Promenade Youths Initiative, & The US consulate also.

Thanks! God bless us all.

Deepest Fulfillments?

Yes! I got the opportunity to touch, change and influence the lives of 35 students out of 1000 students in Herbert Macaulay Girls Senior High School, Birrell Avenue, Sabo Yaba. It was my most treasured moment, teaching these upcoming ladies on sensitive issues about Governance, Leadership & Entrepreneurship. They were a bunch of brilliant students, always listening with rasp attention, asked intelligent and mind blowing questions and always coming up with ingenuous ideas! Can I remember a name? Yes Damilola, Regina, Chinenye, Isaiah Elizabeth, yeah! That’s as much as I can remember.

Next? Slum2SchoolProject www.slum2school.org Although I’ve been a part time volunteer since last year, it was by volunteering that I discovered a new side to my life, it was through volunteering as media team assistant that I got to network with great people like Ibaru, Inemo Preghafi, Bethia Idoko, Oladehinbo Oluwabunmi, Cecil, Lord Chrome, Toyosi Banjo, and Otto Orondaam whom I’ve always known way back the University. #ChristmasInABox was indeed a real experience of kindheartedness and community development

Friend Africa gave me an insight into understanding more about people’s apathy towards their own health. Believe me! I rather would not sit down and frown at the idea of conducting a HIV test but I would not suffer ignorance! Haba. While volunteering as a programme officer with Friends Africa, I observed that most folks in Lafiaji-Lagos Island don’t like the idea of HIV test especially our Igbo brothers selling stuffs around Tinubu Square. Too bad I must say but thanks to folks and volunteers from Friend Africa for their effort to put away the stigma that usually stays with HIV infected persons.

This year 2013, I have volunteered my time with 9 organizations and in 2014; I’m going to be doing more charity work, personal development work and political activism. I’ll be travelling outside Nigeria unapologetically, I don’t care how much I spend, I just want to keep travelling and observing the needs of the global community as much as I come up with sustainable strategies and solutions to solve those challenges. I forgot to mention, Africa lost two great heroes, Chinualomogu Achebe, and Nelson Rolihlala Mandela —*** Moment of Silence for the old Generals.** RIP.

In 2014, I’ll be interceding more for my friends on ALL social networks, for my single brothers and sister so that they could enjoy marital bliss on time. My bro, Immanuel will be proceeding to further his studies and his twin sister will be rolling up her sleeves for the NYSC. I do hope she will be posted to a location that would help her overcome her fears, my mom would be buried and my kid sis Nneka would be tying the knots. I look forward to these events with great enthusiasm


Roll Call-Onyeka Ubanatu, Paul Ngozi Udume, Ifeoma Tibi, Ihiembuobi Kester Nwabiani, Uwagboi Precious, Willy Aghudum Okowa, and Ferdinand Adimefe, Charity Erhabor now transposed to Mrs Tolofari.Justin Asemota, Anthony Adagbon Anthony, Wisdom Obodo, Nsirim Prince Nyekachi, Obinna Onugha, Esharefasa Ogaga, Daniel Ota Angialapele Olori, & Whole lotta folks.

Dudes On The Marriage Queque.

Dess Agboifo, Azeez Oladele, Caleb Okolie, Chukwuka Ozor, Charles Ogbenna, Nwobi Jay, Blessed ‘blaro, Pessu Frederick, Oku Oku Ekpenyong, Ifeyinwa Asiwe, Osih Ogechukwu, Osih Ehioma, Nneka Ozor, Jennifer Ozor, Emmanuel Oseghale, Tracy Njideaka, Prof Ralfizzle.. etc etc.