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Welcome to 2014, no thanks to the endless messages that rolled in on social media.History is being made in Lagos, Nigeria.We are already in a new year and the days are fast, counting! #WORD.

100,000 Voices

The voice of the people hath some divineness in it, else how should so many men agree to be of one mind?– Francis, Bacon

How you spend your time daily would greatly determine your output after the first 6 months—>result. All I have to ask is this: Will you make today count? Will you be ready to prepare for an event that will shapen the chances of those who will come after we are all gone?

One Voice

We are determined to confront the oppressor with one voice–Clarence Makwetu

Do you have  a voice? Have you spoken before? Can you speak? Have you spoken before and not heard? Have injustice being meted out to your like a square ration of a meal? Are you tired of the endless recycling of unwanted , ungodly and clueless leaders? Then you have a place!

Gen Voices

My voice will be the voice of those who suffer and have no voice. My voice, the freedom of those weakened in the dungeon of despair.–Aime Fernand 

January 18th 2014, live at the Tafawa Balewa Square, join us, as we reclaim the destiny of this nation from the greedy wolves in our seats of power. Brace up, come prepared! come with your mind fully activated!

Gen Voices