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The much talked about event Gen Voices Telethon is live right now. A lot of speakers from different walks of life have come together to speak about identifying the opportunities that lie in the mess of the current political and economic situation in Nigeria. With an impressive line up of prolific speakers such as Dr. Ola Orekunrin of the Flying Doctors, Dr. Frank Nweke Jnr, Dr. Christopher Kolade, Ms Mo Abudu, Oby Ezekwesili, Ohimai Amaize, Otto Orondaam, Mr Timi Dakolo and Mr. Tonye Cole.

The Speakers At The Podium

While following the live updates via tweeter feed, a viewer, made a comment about one of the speakers “Ismael Ahmed, eloquent speaker, a talent to watch. @GenVoices #telethon. Obviously, Ismael Ahmed from the North, dressed in the usual Hausa traditional outfit, from remind the general audience about Nigeria’s delicate past to the unpredictable future. He was eloquenct just as someone had pointed out in twitter. Another speaker who made a mark in his speech delivery process was Dayo Israel.

All around the world, thirty three chapters of the Gen. Voices are currently logged on via live streaming as it has been confirmed that the hashtag #GVTelethon & Gen Voices are already trending on twitter.

According to Mrs Oby Ezekwesili,she said “In establishing the centrality of purpose, you must define the reason from inside yourself, the reason outside yourself why you have chosen to be part of this movement. You are a threatened generation and I need you to get involved, you have to understand the tenets of democracy, you have been born into a nation that has been ravaged by the military, the whole nation has been militarized, The society continues to believes that the military approach will be used to solve the problem. It is this generation , that you must understand that the most importance office in democracy is not the legislative, the judiciary but the office of the citizen. It is the citizen that must be informed, the citizen that must not be deformed,it is  the citizen that must believe that the society exist for himself and for others”

Word Bits

“You young people are the generation for transformation” –Dr Kolade.

As long as you’re outside of the decision-making of this nation, you wil not be able to make a change. – @TonyeCole1   #100kVoices #GVTelethon

Transformation means you have the Future ahead of you. – Dr. Christopher Kolade #GVTelethon

If you are online, kindly follow the following twitter handles @tellanslem ,@GenVoices and @ImpactAfrica.Follow live streaming at Channelstv.com

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