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They Say February Is A Month Of Love?

Now let’s hear it. They say February is a month of love? Huh? Really? Haven’t felt something like this before. Before you start conjuring pictures of romance, kisses, hugs in ya head. Would you please stand up and stand-in-the-gap for someone? Tarry in prayer, what about rolling up 7days of dry fast. Heee!! and I hear someone say ‘Na wa o! Yes! Fact is, if you truly love someone, easiest way to prove it is by ‘giving’. So rather than profess physical love without genuine plans for actual proof. Nna mehn’ give your time in prayer for such person. Remember, in order to have a long lasting relationship, don’t seek a mate, seek God. For in him, lies all goodies! Cheers! Lest I forget. Happy New Month People!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love Notes

Valentine’s day is not just a 24 hour period of showing love to someone you really love, you are at liberty to extend your arm of warmth and love to those ‘who are not just into you’. Show them love too, make them know that you don’t need their approval to validate the real meaning of love. Love is patient, love is kind, love bears no grudges, love harbours no hate or malice. Love is peaceful.  During this period, may I remind teenagers also that Valentine’s Day does not literarily mean fulfilling all forms of lust and taking undue advantage of the opposite sex by placing undue sexual demands. Valentine’s Day is an avenue to showcase the human cardinal virtues of forgiveness, patience, charity and hope to one another. It is a period of deep introspection into the reason why God made love the greatest of all commandments. So for brothers and sisters out there already surfing exclusive shopping websites searching for gifts, do remember also that you owe yourself the gift of spoiling ‘ya self a little and showing God how much you love him also. Adios!

Nation Building

Today is the beginning of a new campaign for volunteers at Slum2School. It is the #1000Voices campaign. The idea behind this is to garner and gather support from already serving volunteers and intending volunteers to rally round for support for these amazing programmes coming up in this month of love. Remember, since February is a month of love, why not take your love to a new level, with a deeper dimension to it. Come and see what it takes to be selfless, come and experience raw field work with a volunteering mindset. Don’t just sit back there in the comfort of your home and complain about this and that not being right in Nigeria. Your little effort as a volunteer can go places! Don’t you believe this? I hope you do. Your active participation through the course of this one month campaign would be appreciated.



Here are the highlights of other major activities for the month of February:

1. Social Media and Volunteer awareness campaign

2. Slum2School 2nd Year Anniversary/ Volunteers Reunion on the 28th

3. #ForTheLoveOfAChild campaign on the 15th

4. Kits for Kids and Teachers Appreciation

5. Commencement of MENTORSHIP program You can express your interest by filling and submitting the Volunteer Engagement Form between today Saturday 1st February through Wednesday 5th February 2014.

We would be glad to have you create more impact together  http://goo.gl/QCM4Eb

Happy Vals Day in Advance, Happy New Month!