ChiDERA Slum2School Volunteer ChiDERA Slum2School Volunteer

My name is Uduezue Chidera a graduate of Parasitology and Entomology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University and I currently work as a Client Relations Officer at CMB Real Estate an Investment Company,Ikoyi Lagos.
I can remember when Orondaam Otto called me up in 2012 during our NYSC programme. He talked about this great initiative that has been on his mind for a while that he was prepared to pursue. It was the most selfless, most amazing, most innovative and humbling idea I ever heard. “Education for vulnerable kids in Slum2School and Free health care through the Net-a-chld project. I mean, what individual does that? I was so interested in being part of it and without any convincing, I instantly became a volunteer and started talking about it to others.

Since that first day until now, every experience has been memorable for me. From seeing these little kids paddle…

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