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I am dedicating this piece to my friend Maple  Tammy Dappa as he exchanged marital vows with his one and only love, Ireti Maple Dappa.

When I said I do

I never mumbled

Nor stumbled upon words

I was celebrating a new life with a new breath,

I wore your mind and swallowed your wishes

When I said I do

I knew there is  a “You”

And a “ME”

And that I existed to bring you lasting happiness

I gave up my singlehood with all pride

To make us stronger.

Maple & Ireti

Maple & Ireti

When I said I do

I crossed my deepest doubts,

To land on a new shore

The shores of faith

I believed that our season was now

As we took those steps

With leaping strides

When I said I do

I bade all others goodbye

For my heart listened to no other melody

Except your name

Tests will come, but our heart anchors on the stronger cord-God

When I said I do

I knew your love was worth my wait

And the wait was worth my fights

I knew loving you was a shelter

And with you we would conquer & subdue

I’ve had combats,just  to hold your hands

Call me a HERO & You’re sure of my hugs & kisses

Maple & Ireti 2014

Maple & Ireti

When I said I do

I summoned God as our witness

To give us an instructible heart

To lead the way along the staircase

While we followed his footsteps

To build us

A union of hope and a family of courage

When I said I do

I said I’d keep loving you

Honouring you

Having you as my treasure

All of my life.

And now that we are here

Clad in gowns & bow ties

May my love for you, stand for us

Anslem Ozor . 03/2014.