And  to think of it that I thought you would be forgotten so soon

To think that I’ve ceased  breathing all because of your absence

To think that Life ended the very day I never heard from you

To think that God was asleep while you took the eternal ferry to heaven

To keep the battle off my cheek restraining the ceaseless tides of tears

To keep fighting my imagination that my heritage was cut short

To keep thinking that you lost while God said you conquered

To keep thinking that I wept so loud and God was in the hands of Morpheus

To keep thinking that sorrows tasted better that laughter

To keep thinking that we battled all in vain to see you drop the last breath

To keep thinking that I would never hear you charming voice again

To keep thinking that my future kids would soon run coming in your arms

To keep thinking that my seeds would be glad to inhale the sweet stories of my childhood

Were my feelings, sandwiched with faith

Oh! they all evaporated

lest I call God a liar

For  He took you home when we least understood

Happy Birthday Nne’m

omeni weh abizi elu, Ibiazi ye’firi

Happy mothers day to My one and only mother

Late Mrs V. I Ozor