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2 Corinthians 4:7… “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us”

Over the years people have used different scenarios to describe life in this world. Some say it’s like a market place; some say it’s a crazy world and will take crazy people to live herein while others say it’s a wonderful world with beautiful people; some say the world is a stage, and so on. Taking out time to think about life as I often do, I see the world as one big ocean; we are vessels on it that have been equipped and constructed with the natural materials of breath (air), body (flesh), earth (land), and water; every human being has these basic resources for survival. The engine required to propel this vessel is our purpose in life. Every vessel was built for a particular purpose and so the vessel shouldn’t just be floating on the sea – live a purpose ‘driven’ life!

Earthen Vessel

Earthen Vessel

As A Vessel Do You Have An Engine? Are You Functional? How Functional Are You?

Also, having an engine means you’ve got to be moving, but the direction to which you would sail is entirely your decision to make – your destiny is in your hands, your life is in God’s hands! Bear in mind that it doesn’t matter how fast you are running if you are on the wrong course – the speed at which you are going is not as important as the direction in which you are going.

 Are You On Course Or You Are Adrift?

 This ‘vessel’ can be likened to a fishing vessel where you give a bait to catch a fish, it is a give and take situation – you will reap just what you sow! If you use small baits, you will get small fishes, if you use big baits, you will get big fishes.

“you can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust the sail”–Author Unknown

Adjust Your Sail

Adjust Your Sail

 How Much Are You Willing To Give To Get What You Want?

 Just like real vessels on the ocean face turbulent and strong ocean currents at times, so also we humans face adversities – life is not a bed of roses! Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors, rough seas do and that is why what makes us outstanding in life are the challenges we’ve pulled through successfully and not the one’s we succumbed to.