I am amazed at the dedication and relentless effort shown Temitope. Over the years while we ‘ve worked, Tope has shown devoted commitment and dedication to the cause of having Children in his community have access to quality education.
Congratulations ! We love you.


TOPE SLUM2SCHOOL VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH Temitope Iroko receiving an award as the Volunteer of the Month for March by Mrs Olatilewa and Otto Orondaam

Iroko Tope, is a Passionate and Selfless  Community Based Volunteer living in the Makoko Community which is one of our main communities of operations. He is a student who has completed his senior secondary school education and has a passion to study nursing. Temitope Iroko, has since the inception of Slum2School Africa, been committed to helping his community by tapping into the vision of the Organization and volunteering his time, energy and other resources to ensure that the mission of the organization is achieved. Due to his passion, Tope was made a team leader for our community based volunteers, (a group of 30 trained educated youths who work with Slum2School in the community to ensure effective implementation of our integral operations process ) and he has been effective in leading this group. …

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