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It would be shocking to know that never a day passes without someone asking for a dose of blessings either from God or from his fellow men. In this case asking a fellow man to bless you could come in the form of any favour, donation or freewill gift he is disposed to give at that particular instance and when it’s done we usually feel this deep level of human satisfaction. But? Is that all? Man is always looking for new grounds to conquer, new battles to win and new territories to conquer that is why man’s desires remain insatiable. This could be risky though…and in otherwords, this socially drafted economic principle remains a basic factor why men cheat also. I mean to say. It’s a foundational principle.

God's Blessings

                                       God’s Blessings

You see, it is not wrong asking God for blessings, it is not wrong to be blessed, it is not also a wrong motive to seek God’s blessings in some areas of our lives, but what matters most is this: Can you handle God’s blessings? Some blessings come in the form of skills, talents, natural abilities and some prowess. When used properly, it could be used to uplift people, inspire others to dream big and as well encourage others around our sphere of influence to be al they were created to be. But we immediately let God’s blessings be a burden on us that moment we refuse to acknowledge that having to be blessed by God is a responsibility to be treasured deeply, it becomes a burden.

Don't Compare

                                  Don’t Compare

God’s blessings are like manure, use it, multiply and enlarges you, store it up, it makes u proud, arrogant and could lead to your downfall.

On mother earth, some of the greatest people I have seen to abuse God’s gift are people with musical talents and prowess, people with good vocal chords, people who can stir other people’s emotions by virtue of their character or charisma. Having to be blessed makes one humble, that is why you would usually find the class of people labeled as ‘filthily or stinkingly’ rich as very unassuming yes! They are. If you have met a rich man in the Northern part of Nigeria, you would concur with me. An Alhaji in the North who could stand on the same shoulders and social ranking  with Mallam Chanchangi or Alhaji Dantata will unassumably sit down with you, on a mat and gist!. But not so in the South, or West!

Blessings & Testimonies

               Blessings & Testimonies

That you have been blessed with a baby girl when others have theirs dying in labour rooms gives you no effrontery to lambast at their plight. That you now have a N332500 job does not make you more or less superior to your mechanic and your neighbours. And in church?? oh my my my! I see this in church, when a brother becomes so blessed he either starts giving excuse why he doesn’t want to fellowship in that particular church anymore or he begins to compare and contrast, he changes friends, and cliques. He stops paying attention to God, he begins to adore his riches!

At work, unusual recognition starts making a onetime normal staff lord his new ranks on everyone else, to the extent that even sneezing in his presence could attract some stiff penalty. The list goes on and on

In all of our doings, let’s make good use of whatever we have being blessed with, by just one thing, appreciating the blessing, the reason for the blessing, blessing other people and giving back the handiwork of such blessings to the source-God

Meanwhile this piece applies to me too!